The Soul Reprogramming Method


The Soul Reprogramming Method is a metaphysics healing technique based on the premise that anything material (as we perceive it) was created from a mental or mind space; the Creator’s mind.

We have always dealt with the question of what was first? what created life? First it was the mind that creates all things: Creator, Universe, God, Spirit.

Knowing this is of vital importance, this is the real beginning of all things. Our planet did not create itself, and neither did anything in it.

As much as we want to think that we create life by giving birth, nothing really happens unless that being is gifted with life, spirit and living force. Nothing in this Universe, except the Creator, can create life. If we created life, we could also have control of when it ends.

Coming to this realization; gives to us the opportunity of finding the real, perfect balance of all things, which cannot be found by direct manipulation of the physical form. One of the biggest mistakes of our era is the acceptance of healing as a manipulative, physical interaction practice.

Western medicine gives us pharmaceutical products that can alter the body directly and produce a result, may or may not work adversely, comes with a long list of secondary effects and can ultimately produce death. However, we accept this as the ultimate truth to reestablish health? If it was the answer, medicine would be perfect, would never fail, and there would not be “incurable” diseases.

Nothing in the perfect Universe is wrong or fails; everything is harmony within the chaos of movement.

It is time to look at the truth with new eyes, not by trying to understand metaphysics healing in comparison to what exists now; but by observing it and accepting it for what it is, the science of the root of all creation. Something that was created by the man cannot explain something that transcends him.

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How it works, class content, theory:

Understanding that the elements that form everything are metaphysical in nature, we can heal them and balance them at that level, to their perfect order through metaphysical healing.

Every single thing that exists, is a conglomerate of elements from various origins nonphysical, grouped in perfect order. Some can create the illusion of matter, while others produce the nonphysical aspects of the self, such as the soul programs, and other life circumstances.

There is a perfect number of elements, variable and static that compose every single thing. The integration of such elements also has a perfect and unique combination. The balancing of these elements is the key for reprogramming.

With the aid of our higher beings and the charts of metaphysical elements presented by the author of SRM, we can bring everything that there is to perfect balance. This includes the perfect combination of elements for an optimal functioning of our body, brain and health—the perfect combination of elements for the successful development of our main program (life purpose) and other subprograms (parenthood, marriage, professional trade, etc.).

The method is applied to the individual by personal interview or telecommunication (Skype, video call, etc.). There must be a direct communication between the practitioner and the individual; this way, he/she enters the space of the practitioner and the healing can take place at his/her request and authorization.

During this initial communication, the practitioner and the individual exchange information that is important for the individual, his/her main concerns and needs for healing; then the practitioner can continue with the process independently and send a report to the individual when it is done. It is not necessary for the individual to be present for the reprogramming to take place.

Once the reprogramming starts, the practitioner discovers, heals and balances topics such as these:

  • Main purpose in life
  • What is the frequency of the purpose
  • What is the frequency of the individual
  • Pairing of both
  • Possible health issues
  • Possible accidents
  • Possible death by error (not the one imposed by God but by malfunctioning of the programs)
  • Subprograms in need of healing
  • Any other issues in need of healing and removal or repair

After these and any other points of interest have been healed, the practitioner continues with the full reprogramming of the main program, cells, brain and body. A full reprogramming could take between 6 to 10 hours depending on the expertise of the practitioner and the complexity of the healing.

What to expect?

Once all the elements have been balanced to perfection, the individual should experience a sense of harmony, events will take a course in favor of the main purpose, in favor of health and everything else that happens around the subject is more harmonious and balanced.  Things start “working out”, what is not needed or toxic starts fading; new ideas, mental clarity and reasoning appears with no effort, health improves, motivation, inspiration and other qualities can also be implanted with the reprogramming.

Everyone experiences a different result. We need to keep in mind that the involvement of the subject in toxic situations that alter the balance of the elements- such as excessive drinking, drugs, stressful situations or proximity to negative people- may alter this balance and will require a revision of the restructuring.

It is recommended to do a periodic revision of the balance of the elements to maintain the harmony. This is easy to identify with certainty an imbalance of the elements. The restructuring charts have specific numbers of elements that correspond to either the main program, or the perfect functioning of the body, brain and cells.


The Soul Reprogramming Method is presented in three levels that allow the student to understand and develop basic practices before adding more complexity to the teachings.

During the course of these classes, a DNA activation occurs, where the student receives information not only by the usual ways of learning, but also by remembering what is stored in their DNA.

A person who does not have their DNA activated cannot apply the reprogramming, to themselves or others. With the first level of reprogramming we can heal ourselves. With the second level, a new activation occurs, allowing the student to heal others. And during the third activation in the third level of the class, the student can become a teacher and activate other people’s DNA with their teachings.


In the basic class, the student learns about the following:

  • Learn how to use a pendulum
  • Connect to your higher beings
  • Find out your main purpose in life
  • Remove any negative aspects of the main program
  • What is the frequency of the purpose
  • What is your frequency
  • Pairing of both
  • Possible health issues
  • Eliminate possible accident programs
  • Eliminate possible death programs
  • Heal subprograms
  • Any other issues in need of healing and removal or repair
  • Heal, balance and integrate to perfection all the elements of your main program.
  • Activate the program.
  • Activate three strands of DNA to reestablish your connection with the spiritual aspects of consciousness

This is a 3-day class. Locations and times vary. DNA activation is not recommended for pregnant women. Must be 18 years and older to attend.

Cost $500.


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Students can sign up in advance, before or while still taking the basic class, but must have completed the basic class to be admitted to the advanced classroom.

In the advanced class, we will:

  • In depth exploration of the concept of frequency.
  • Understanding more complex information about our relationship with the spiritual aspect of the self.
  • How to reprogram someone else.
  • Possible case scenarios.
  • Cellular restructuring: healing and balancing the elements involved in our entire cellular system.
  • Memory restructuring
  • Release of traumatic memories
  • Release of ideologies that block our spiritual growth and access to higher levels of consciousness
  • Activate three additional strands of DNA to be able to heal others

All consultant applications must be approved by the Healers of the Light Academy.

This is a 3-day class. Locations and times vary. DNA activation is not recommended for pregnant women. Must be 18 years and older to attend.

Cost $500.



Students can sign up in advance, before or while still taking a lower level class, but must have completed the basic and advanced class to be admitted to the masters classroom.

In this class, you will learn:

  • The brain and body restructuring,
  • How to perfectly balance the elements in each part of your body to function at your best capacity.
  • Remove all other blockages
  • Establish boundaries for the effects of the new frequencies in you
  • Remove discordant energies with each group of people that caused the record
  • integrate all your qualities into one superior quality
  • Be eligible to obtain your consultant/teacher certification.
  • Receive our third DNA activation of four strands, needed to teach others the SRM.

All applications and certifications must be approved by the Healers of the Light Academy.

All consultants and teachers must pay a yearly membership of $150 to receive their certification and have their contact information displayed on the Healers of the Light website.

This is a 3-day class. Locations and times vary. DNA activation is not recommended for pregnant women. Must be 18 years and older to attend.

Cost $500.



Many people can benefit from our programs. We take a proactive approach: educating and bringing our workshops, therapies and seminars to institutions that offer counseling, rehabilitation, and care for individuals going through various kinds of distress.

Our healing methods are non- invasive, non-manipulative, metaphysics techniques that can be applied in a wide range of situations.


When we realize that the physical or material world was created by the universal mind, creator, nature, God, etc., then we can heal anything physical accessing that universal mind, through metaphysics.

Once we balance all the elements of an individual, restructuring their cellular system, brain and body; every cell in the body receives the command of health and harmony and to work as they are supposed to. This produces an immediate effect towards improvement, which is also long lasting.

Direct, topical treatments to heal the physical body are not the only methods that we have access to nowadays. Our interaction with the Individual is limited only a personal or long distance interview and the application of the metaphysical healing which targets the spiritual nature of the individual rather than the manipulation of the body directly.


Finding your life purpose and heading in that direction, totally impacts your health, mental state and everything else around you

Times have changed, it is no longer excusable to live in blindness to the purpose of our life, it is no longer a secret. With our reprogramming method, you can find specifically your life purpose, find the specific number of elements that compose that main program and balance them to perfection, putting you in the right track.

Knowing why you are here; having a reason, a sense of direction, and balancing the elements of the program to perfection, brings harmony to your health and relationships. Everything seems so much easier, no longer we are struggling, fighting to go in the wrong direction, with the wrong people. No wonder why there is disease! That is no longer the case, for those who want to know, here is the answer.


Many individuals facing PTSD are unable to have normal lives. Some of them could end up in a mental institution or even harm themselves or others.

PTSD is something no one wants to live with, and it can be significantly reduced, -in many cases, completely eliminated- when applying our metaphysics healing methods to reprogram the memory and mental patterns.

As a society, this is a matter of high importance. Veterans are a good example of individuals who should be offered an opportunity to release all trauma as soon as they return from deployment. Many don’t have the resources to do so.


The application of the entire soul reprogramming including the balancing of your main life purpose, could take the healer from 6 to 10 hours to complete. Depending on the level of complexity.

The initial appointment is all that is needed in order to establish contact for the healing to take place; after that, the practitioner can continue with the reprogramming on their own space without the individual needing to be present. During the reprogramming, the healer will clear all the issues and blockages needed in order for the individual to receive healing, the life purpose is identified, any alternative programs, negative programs such as disease, accident and death are cleared; as well as other programs and blocked energies.

Once the restructuring has been completed, the healer will provide the results of the reprogramming. A follow up call after a week of completion is expected.

The cost of the initial consultation is $1500. A revision of the restructuring at discretion of the individual costs $250. A full reprogramming is not necessary, elements are healed in a way that should maintain the balance.

The only exceptions are for those who have used drugs that affect the nervous system; inhibitors or stimulants (not including muscle relaxers, anxiety or depression drugs). They will need a full restructuring and would have to pay the initial consultation fee again.

Ask your healer for help removing addiction programs.