Reprogramming Mastery

6 Modules 20 Lessons

About this course

Reprogramming is the act of changing a pattern or program of thought, behavior, perception, or even physical conditioning for another more desirable pattern. Reprogramming can also include installing new patterns that are not part of the present mindset or body functions.

We reach the mastery of subconscious conditioning once we understand the process of assimilation and internalization of patterns.

You will learn to create to create or reprogram patterns using processes such as breathing, focused movements, visualizations, and the chemistry of your body and brain.

In this class you will learn:

  • The language of your body and brain to effectively develop inner communication
  • The changes in consciousness that the synergy between your breathing and your heart rate can spark
  • Important meditation and breathing techniques to reach the state of awareness from where you can reprogram or create a new perception
  • An innovative technique created by Johanna Bassols, "the perception circle" to visually find the origin of your perception, and to create a new path for that perception to change from limiting to expansive. As well as how to create other non-existing perceptions.
  • How to use muscle testing to answer questions that are stored in your physical body as patterns or crystallizations
  • How to develop any mindset that you like, how to change a negative behavior, or how to boost your creativity, qualities, and even your physical processes.

Every breath you take is not only fueling your body with oxygen, but it’s also creating patterns that define your physical and mental functions.

Our body and brain communicate through breathing, heart rate and states of consciousness. These three processes are delicately interconnected, and you are about to learn how that synergy creates consciousness, or what you understand as your perception, and you how can use that same synergy to expand your perception.

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