At Healers of the Light, we have three foundational classes: “Soul Restructuring,” “Cellular Activation,” and “Elevation of Consciousness.” These are all part of the series The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness, which is our spiritual initiation manual.

These courses outline all of the fundamental theory and practice needed to activate your connection with higher consciousness and your purpose, while releasing blockages, emotions, energy imbalances, and other negative elements from the soul and body.

The Soul Restructuring course is a practical course on the art of releasing blockages, conditioning ideas, harmful beliefs, and energetic imbalances from the soul by dissolving the electromagnetic charge of each process. These blockages prevent you from experiencing true self-awareness; a necessary step to activate higher consciousness and to become aware of your purpose.

This class is divided into six chapters, or main points of development, and is taught through practical exercises and applications with some theory to reinforce your understanding of the practice.

The class is formatted so that anyone can understand the lessons without previous preparation or specialization. It is meant to give you the necessary foundation to initiate your spiritual path and connection to higher consciousness and purpose.

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The second foundational course is the Cellular Activation class, in which you will learn the language of the elements and to recognize your original idea of creation. This explains your energetic predisposition for some activities and circumstances rather than for others. You will also learn how to influence your elements through food, movement, and breathing. As well as techniques to activate the cellular production centers in the body and regenerate your entire system to continue expanding your consciousness.

Our third foundational class is the Elevation of Consciousness class, in which you will learn modern and ancient practices for expanding your consciousness. You will come to understand the mechanics of consciousness itself, making the process of elevation a much clearer and attainable goal.