My Journey of
Self Discovery
“I’ve always had a deep interest in the internal, subconscious, and subjective world. I’ve dedicated my life to the research and activation of my connection to higher consciousness, which allowed me to access the concept of Original Persona, the foundation of my work.”

When I was a child, I often thought that each one of us lived in a different world and that no one could fully understand, or even imagine, someone else’s world. I thought no one could really know what the color red, the sound of a drop of water, and of course what a life experience means to you.

I’d spent hours a day thinking about how we could all live in the same place and get along despite our differences in perspective and perception.

This all started when I had a dream, at six years, old. I dreamed that I wrote a book about each of us living in our own worlds, but unlike any other dream, this one kept coming back to my awareness every day, every week, until it became an obsessive repetitive thought. I can still remember it clearly; it played itself so many times that it’s impossible to forget.

This thought was merely a pointless obsession to me from my level of awareness at the time.

Since then, I spent my life searching for ways to understand my own mind, I wanted to control it. I learned hypnosis, past life regressions, NLP, energy healing, remote viewing, and studied philosophy metaphysics, but I never fully adopted anyone’s perspective.

All of this research felt like a stimulation of something I already knew within me.

It wasn’t until 2015, twenty five years later, when I was finally able to use this seed that was implanted- or activated- in me back then.

In 2015, I had a very intense and sudden experience of self-awareness that answered the question that I carried in me since I was six years old: What made possible this phenomena of being all authentic and at the same time functional within the same experience? It was consciousness.

That was the moment when I realized we all had the same origin. We all come from the same source, but as a unique expression of this source, which is what gives us our also unique perspective.

This unique expression of consciousness, which I call, the original persona, is the concept that has helped me not only understand consciousness itself, but which has helped me help other people heal their irregularities and imbalances created by patterns of self-identity that were not in tune with their original idea of creation.

This awareness permanently impressed my perception and my learning process. I developed gnosis, and automatic writing and speaking, all ancient and -at some point in history- forbidden ways of accessing information from higher levels of consciousness.

The restructuring of my systems is what made possible the writing of several books, such as the trilogy The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness and How to Break Your Identification with Emotional Trauma in 10 Days. As well as others for my own personal development, specifically crafted to help me on my mission of elevation of consciousness.

In my books you will find that I not only share concepts, but that I also give you exercises to experience the awareness of the original persona, as I have experienced in my own self the power of its presence.

To wrap this up, I want to share a last thought: immerse in your own presence to find the truth that you are seeking, everything that you see outside comes from inside of you anyway.

Awareness is the way.

With love,

Johanna Bassols

The Books

My books are experiential. I love experiences more than words.

I spent almost my whole life learning the semantics of words and practicing how I could make a word say more than what its supposed to. This is where the knowledge of energy came to play.

My books include practical exercises to help you draw your own conclusions about them. The sole intention of Universal Consciousness is that you experience the world from your own perspective, that you become your most authentic self. And my intention is to guide you there.

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The Classes

The classes at Healers of the Light are divided in 2 kinds: The foundational courses and the elective courses.

The process of the elevation of consciousness is the pivotal point from which all of the courses come from.

The foundational classes show you three perspectives of the process of the elevation of consciousness: Soul Restructuring (soul), Cellular Activation (body), and Elevation of Consciousness (perspective).

The elective classes are practical applications that reinforce your understanding of self awareness and the process of elevation of consciousness.

You DO NOT require to take the foundational classes to experience the elective classes.

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“Dear Johanna, I did exercises 6, 7 and 8 (of Soul Restructuring) and I feel like my whole world is shaking, like a cocoon that opens”


“This book is great, it shows you how to get rid of blockages and connect with your soul.”

Net Galley Reviewer Rose Frum

“Thank you so much for the session today, you are a passionate person who addresses points very precisely and delicately”