FAQ Page

Who We Are, and What We Do?

We are an organization that offers workshops, classes, seminars, retreats, and group and personalized coaching in the various programs that we offer. We have a strong community approach, making these programs accessible to individuals in distress who are unable to afford them. We also organize massive campaigns of information to let the community know that there are other healing options to traditional medicine.

How Can We Sponsor People in Need of Metaphysical Healing?

Please send us an email to [email protected] to send you our wire instructions and donation form. With your help we can bring alternative healing to all those who needed most but don’t have knowledge about our programs or the possibility to afford them.

How Can We Apply for Assistance to Attend a Class, Seminar or Workshop?

If you are currently receiving assistance or are registered with a non-profit organization or government program, please send us an email with your name, phone number, the class that you are interested in taking and the name of the organization that you belong to. If you receive some kind of government assistance, please describe it in the email.

We will require you to email us proof of assistance such as food stamps, disability voucher, unemployment, etc. Once we have verified it, you will be added to the list of the organization or as an individual requesting assistance, which will allow you to receive the next available sponsorship.

If you do not receive any kind of support from organizations or government entities, you can fill out this form to be qualified individually:  –Application to receive sponsorship.

What Is Usually Included in a Retreat Package?

Retreats could be organized directly by Healers of the Light or by a third-party company, in which case we are acting as booking agent. The terms and details of each retreat can be found on the event description.

Please read the terms carefully, as they vary depending on each provider.

In general, most retreats do not include air fare or accommodations previous to the beginning date of the retreat. Most include accommodations within the dates that the retreat is offered.

Most retreats include meals during the dates that the retreat is offered. Local transportation is also offered for activities held as part of the retreat itself, and in most cases, there are arrangements made to transport participants from the airport to the retreat location and back. The safety of the participants is always taken into consideration.

Is It Safe to Attend a Retreat by Myself?

As in any situation, you should use common sense and caution to determine your level of comfort for traveling alone. You must be 18 years old or older to attend a retreat on your own.

We prepare the events in such a way that is easy to get to and from, and back to your destination with the least effort and risk. It would be a matter of choice or specific limitation where you need to make a safe decision.

In general, we try to only organize events in places where safety is not in jeopardy. Many participants come on their own and participate in multiple retreats during the year. They just love it!

How Can I Obtain a Refund or Credit For a Class That I Signed Up for and Could Not Attend?

When you reserve your spot in a class, you are preventing others from signing up. There is a reasonable time of usually 72 hours prior to the class where we can still offer that spot to other interested participants.

If you cancel for a medical reason within 72 hours before the class starts, we can issue a refund. You will have to send us a note from your doctor in order to process it.

All retreats have a 50% percent deposit non-refundable policy. The other 50% is entitled to a refund up to 72 hours before the retreat begins or with a note from your doctor.

If the program is offered by a third party, and Healers of the Light is only acting as the booking agent, the refund policies of the entity offering the class will apply. These are found in each booking in the class description and terms section of the event.

Is There An Age Restriction To Assist To Any Of These Programs?

There is no age restriction to attend to any of the events. However, you must be 18 years old or older to come alone.

Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

How Can We Bring One of Your Programs to a Private Retreat or Workshop?

We are happy to educate as many people as possible in metaphysics healing and also bring the therapies to all those who need them. For private hiring, please email us at [email protected] to coordinate the availability of our healers.