Are your subconscious patterns limiting your experiences?
``Design yourself and your experiences will follow``
-Johanna Bassols
Reprogramming Initiation
What is the initiation workshop?

This is a 2 hour introductory workshop in which you can learn more about  “Reprogramming Mastery” and how to become a certified Reprogramming Coach; while simultaneously applying this personal development method the 4 main patterns that affect your interaction with yourself and others:

  • Your thought process
  • The source of your behavior
  • Your perception
  • And your physical functions

The Reprogramming Initiation Workshop is part of the Reprogramming Mastery class. If you take the full class, you will also get this initiation workshop.

To sign up for the Reprogramming Mastery class directly, please scroll down to the registration button after the following frequently asked questions.

How do I register?

The workshop is available online or in person at certain locations.

The next available events will be announced here at the top of the page.

How much does it cost?

The Reprogramming Initiation workshop has a fee of $25. This could vary at certain in person locations according to the particular demands of each host.

How can I host a Reprogramming Initiation Workshop or seminar at my yoga studio, meditation studio, event, or retreat?

If you have a large event or a special request, you can contact us at [email protected] and submit your inquiry directly.

Every month, a new location is announced for the Reprogramming Initiation Workshop. During that time, you can make arrangements with our team to have the assigned Reprogramming Coach come to your space.

The host becomes an affiliate and receives 15% of all the classes fees that the participants sign up for Healers of the Light.

Can I become an affiliate of Healers of the Light without hosting a workshop?

Yes! You can become an affiliate at any time without hosting a workshop. However, a workshop is a great way of providing something of value to your students that will improve their lives tremendously.

To become an affiliate, you can email us at [email protected] and request to register an as affiliate. We will provide a link that you can place on your website or social media page and when students use that link to register in our classes you automatically earn 15% of their purchase.

What is Subconscious Reprogramming?

Subconscious Reprogramming is a process which can help you restructure the subconscious patterns that affect your behavior, thought, and perception.

This technique will help you understand how your patterns are formed, allowing you to choose more permissive ways of handling life.

Changing your patterns from limiting to permissive ones creates an overall environment in your brain and body that serves as a director for all your new thoughts, ideas, actions, and even for physical functions!

The class is offered online and in person at selected locations.

The Reprogramming Mastery class includes the Reprogramming Initiation Workshop. If you choose to take the class online, you will receive a code to access the next live workshop at no additional cost. If you take the Reprogramming Mastery class in person, the initiation workshop is part of the program.

How was the Reprogramming Mastery Program created?

Johanna Bassols created this unique method of brain reprogramming after 25 years of intense research on the human consciousness, and after assisting more than 600 people in individual reprogramming consultations.

Johanna found that there’s a process prior to the formation of any perception, thought, or behavior that attributes direction. It’s a process in which we choose the polarity of each new idea, perception, thought, etc.

She also found that this direction is consistent for all processes, even for our physical functions. The degree of this direction will make us more limited in our experiences or more permissive. And reprogramming is the tool that can help you transform your life experiences from limiting to permissive.

What can I expect after taking the Reprogramming Mastery class?

Results vary from person to person, but overall you will feel an incredible sense of relief, calm, joy, and self-awareness, and you will have a heightened interest for life and for experiencing new things.

Reprogramming will help you restore your confidence, creativity, and your innate qualities which were being shadowed by your subconscious limiting patterns.

Subconscious Reprogramming
Class Modules
Developing Internal Communication

P1. Goals of reprogramming

P2. Creating a new perception of yourself

P3. Breathing and meditation techniques

P4. Closing and transcending life chapters

P5. Foods to develop inner communication and foods to avoid

Reprogramming Initiation

P6. Initiation into Reprogramming (LIVE- Various scheduling options available)

P7. Detaching from limiting identities and roles

Physical Patterns

P8. Communicating with your physical body

P9. Activating your energy centers

P10. Keys to release old patterns

P11. Keys to create new patterns

P12. Methods to release patterns triggered by images and memories

Perception Blockages

P13. Permissions vs. limitations, how our perception is created

P14. Removing blockages of perception, thought, and behavior

P15. Reprogramming our perception time, space, and origin

P16. The perception of oneness

Reprogramming Breathing

P17. Implanting patterns in the body through neurotransmitters

P18. Breathing technique to reach awareness through serotonin

P19. Breathing technique to reach awareness through adrenaline resistance

P20. Conclusion and graduation

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The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness


Johanna Bassols is a specialist in the semantics of consciousness. She approaches the understanding of the subconscious mind in an integral and practical way.

Johanna is the founder of the Healers of the Light, healing community and academy. She created a unique healing method for reprogramming energetic imbalances, called the Soul Reprogramming Method, she is the author of the series of books, The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness and of How to Break Your Identification with Emotional Trauma in 10 Days.

And now she brings to you her newest methods, Reprogramming Mastery and Reprogramming Breathing.

-Learn about my journey of self discovery-


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When we heal together, we create a critical mass effect; we resonate together and as we elevate our consciousness, we also elevate the consciousness of our immediate circle, our environment, and of all those who are in our presence.

We have the ability to change our communities, our countries, and the entire planet with something as simple, but yet as powerful as breathing and meditation.

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