The Road to Elevated Consciousness

The Road to Elevated Consciousness

Extracted from our Radio Show episode 3 (click to listen)

In this episode I will be sharing the insights of my own road to enlightenment, what I did to be more connected to source, how I learned to manifest through ritual and offering with my own daily actions.

The highlight points in this episode are:

Approaching the next round of evolution
Change at a Universal level, means change in all levels; including the microcosm inside of us at a cellular level, and deeper.
How to flow with the shift instead of fighting it.
Practices needed for elevation of consciousness:
  • Exercise
  • Observe vegan diet to strengthen astral connection
  • Daily practice of disconnecting from the low energies of the world and connecting with the source
  • Removing yourself from toxic relationships or limiting their influence
  • Exercise for balancing your elements of the earth
  • Eliminating the consumption of alcohol
  • Eliminating sugar and caffeine
  • Practicing stillness and silence
  • Setting intentions in your food and water
The observance of these behaviors acts in a ritualistic way. Showing your intention through actions that speak louder than words.
Johanna Bassols

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