What is the Soul Reprogramming Method (SRM) and how does it work?

What is the Soul Reprogramming Method (SRM) and how does it work?


The Soul Reprogramming Method, is a metaphysical healing method that restarts and updates all human systems integrally. We are referring to DNA, cells in the body and cellular memory, the receptors and transmitters in the body and brain,  and the main program, or life purpose.

SRM is here to help us update our systems and integrate better to the new and higher frequencies that are already in our planet. SRM helps us ease into evolution, allowing us to access the system functions that we are supposed to have in the next round of evolution, today.

As part of the evolutionary process of the Universe, frequencies in the entire cosmos raise and affect all beings, whether or not we are ready for it.

Because the Universe is more than just tangible elements that we see, this evolution happens first at a light body level (frequency) which is the core of the entire universe, then at an astral level (the etheric projection of our physical being), and finally it reaches the physical level.

These frequencies conflict with the physical elements in order to force them to change. The evolution does not happen in the physical level first, and then in the light or astral levels. The physical level is the last one to adapt to changes.

With SRM, we can use frequency to reset and update the receptors and transmitters in the body, brain, cells and DNA, which then is projected into the astral level and finally absorbed by our tangible systems. This allows us to interact with the new frequencies in a better way. We are using the same language that the Universe uses, frequency. That’s why this method does not require physical manipulation and the effects are almost immediate. I say almost, because there could be a process off assimilation of the astral healing into the physical level, this depends on the individual and not on the method itself.

For the last centuries, we have accepted that the right approach of medicine is that of treating the symptoms but not the root of a condition. This has made us less able to organically transform the body, since it doesn’t have exposure to the elements that cause change, even if it is uncomfortable.

Many of the raising behavioral disorders, such as autism and ADHD, are not able to be treated with conventional medicine because, again, they are looking at the issue from the end and not from the root.

There is nothing wrong with the people who present these disorders, the disorder in itself, is not a problem. It is part of the evolutionary process, to make us more connected to the Universal source, more able to feel energies and read people, being aware of their energies, more able to feel atmospheric changes and astrological movement. The problem is that the body, brain and cells are not ready to receive this more evolved software. We need to update the receptors and transmitters of the body, brain and cells to be able to interact with the condition, not to eliminate it. What they are looking to do with genetic manipulation, first of all, won’t be possible, and second of all is against nature. These conditions are part of evolution, and not a defect.

With reprogramming we have a solution to this problem, being able to virtually update our physical elements without physical manipulation; exactly the same way that the universe is doing it.

We need to come out of that false idea that only what is tangible is real, frequencies rule the entire Universe and they are not physical or tangible in any of their elemental aspects.

To find real alternative treatments to heal ourselves, we have to unify as a community and find the solution ourselves. No one else will find real alternatives than the community, the real people. Big pharma won’t give you healing, only temporary solutions to keep you in the same condition. That is not a secret. If you want an alternative, you have to be open to innovative processes.

All of the organizations that we have reached out to help us financing the research and application of SRM in various conditions, have turned us down, even when the effects are undeniable and almost immediate. If you heal, they no longer have a source of income.

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Johanna Bassols

Johanna Bassols is the creator of the Soul Reprogramming Method, author of the Power of the Elevation of Consciousness series, and founder of the Healers of the Light Academy. "I am delighted to share this experience with you, this is my life purpose". Johanna


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