The Healers of the Light family believes that if someone in our community suffers, we all do; and if someone is healed, we all are. Our main goal is to bring awareness to the importance of inner healing as a a complement to regular medicine or other treatments when addressing traumatic experiences.

We have selected and crafted a series of educational and practical workshops, seminars, classes and retreats directed to heal the spirit. These programs target different areas of importance, such as emotional health, spiritual balance, re-programming of the subconscious mind, reincorporation to society of individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress, spiritual tools to cope with illness or other forms of distress.

Our emotional health programs are ideal to assist individuals whose lives are affected by present or previous traumatic experiences, limiting beliefs, phobias and addictions, and others. We work on releasing the traumatic memories, reprogramming the subconscious mind, and changing the perspective of the individual to a neutral place where they can have a normal life and freely interact with others without the presence of these blockages.

Many of the problems that we find in our society are not directly originated  by lack of resources or lack of money, but because of lack of mental stability of the individuals. Also, almost every disease generates from the repetition of a mental command and frequency. These situations can be improved significantly and, in some cases, completely removed with the application of spiritual and emotional healing methods.

if someone in our community suffers, we all do; and if someone is healed, we all are.

Our responsibility as a community is to make sure that all those who are in need can have the opportunity to improve their health.

In an effort to bring these healing programs to those who most need it and are unable to afford it, we have proactively introduced them to centers in charge of providing assistance or council to such individuals in distress and have made every effort to include them as part of optional therapies. This way, they have the option to sign up for the inner healing programs and experience its benefits. Our goal is to be able to provide these programs on a consistent basis to secure the success of the treatments.

Healers of the Light has created specific campaigns for each one of these organizations, showing the number of people that have opted in for the programs, the frequency needed, and the contribution goal.

When an individual who does not belong to a particular organization qualifies to receive sponsorship, he or she may be paired with an existing group that is receiving the same treatment. Individuals go through a qualification process to prove their inability to afford the program and to confirm their immediate need for it.