Stem Cell Activation Yoga

Stem cell activation yoga is part of the soul reprogramming method.

It is a combination of three main elements:

  • Breathing
  • Light
  • Movement

With these elements, we are looking to promote healing, in various ways:

  • By activating the stem cell production centers
  • By focused activation of the directly involved organs, triggering regular cells to have stem-cell-like functions
  • By the oxygenation of the blood that cleans toxins and brings nourishment to the organs and cells of the entire body and brain
  • By reaching the pressure points of the organs through movement, focused breathing and light, we can release toxins and malignant cells

There is no age restriction to practice stem cell activation yoga, however, we always recommend that energy work starts after eight years old, because that is an adequate age for the energy field of the infant to have developed important elements to balance energy.

Anyone can and should practice stem cell activation yoga. You don’t have to have a specific condition to practice and promote healing. Also, you don’t need to have been reprogrammed to practice stem cell activation yoga. However, those who are reprogrammed will experience a more effective activation of the cells, due to the upgrade of the receptors and transmitters that occur with reprogramming.

If you are looking to heal a specific condition, we recommend that you look into the SRM comprehensive healing therapy for a more thorough response.

The full series of stem cell activation yoga videos can be acquired for $85 at our online store (pre-order available). Ten hours of integral cellular activation exercises to follow at your own pace.

You can mix the one hour classes to your liking or as directed by your SRM consultant. Our recommendation is of one hour per day and up to four days a week.

It is good to allow the body to find its own way of activating the cells, after we have triggered it with the movement, light and breathing.