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How to Create Heart-Brain-Breath Coherence

Our brains are pretty amazing, but the rest of our bodies have incredible intelligence as well. The heart is one organ that we normally relegate to simple, but important tasks like pumping blood to our organs and cells, but it has additional wisdom to offer. Our...

How Brain Frequencies Influence Your Life

The brain emits electrical pulses which fall within a band which we can measure with cycles per second. Each of these cycles influence how we function – and at some frequencies or cycles per second of oscillation, we can even start to evolve our own...

Brain waves

Reaching Higher Levels of Consciousness

Many people are aware of the basic brain wave states: Beta, Alpha, Delta, Theta, and Gamma, but few have heard of Epsilon brain wave states, let alone understand how to achieve them. Epsilon brain states are possibly so elusive because they are rarely attained, but...