Consciousness starts inside.

The Conscious Diet (SM)  shows you how to change the chemistry of your own body through foods with high content of life and energy. This is a plant-based food program that promotes high frequency and consciousness triggered by the highest energy and nutritious foods in the plant realm like antioxidants, beta-carotene, plant cellulose rich foods and complex carbohydrates.

When you change your diet to incorporate these foods or better, exclusively eat these foods! You change the chemistry of your entire body, which is an important step needed to continue your process of elevation of consciousness.

This transformation is what we know as cellular restructuring, and it is not possible unless you make conscious changes in our eating habits.

With this diet, you can change the command of your human operating system from a passive approach in which the brain chemistry is in control of activating processes, to one in which you are in control, fully conscious..

Foods that activate the brain chemical impulses can be recognized by their highly addictive power, such as alcohol, sugar, coffee, animal products, chocolate and gluten. Satisfying brain impulses to fulfill sensory needs is the only meaning of existence in the lower levels of consciousness.

These highly toxic foods can be found in more than 90% of all processed foods, and other foods available in chain super markets, almost everything contains added sugar and some form of animal product. Your safest way of knowing what you eat is when you eat fresh live produce, like vegetables and fruits high in energy.


The Conscious Diet (SM) is composed of nine groups of plant based stimulants of DNA and one separator of stimulus.

The process of elevation of consciousness is a continuous connection separation of DNA strands. They separate from lower levels of consciousness and reconnect at a higher one, emulating the motion of walking up on a staircase, lifting one foot, separating it from the lower step to reach the higher one.

In the Conscious Diet (SM), we combine these ten elements in a way that emulates and promotes that process of connection and separation in a weekly cycle.


These groups of foods can be combined in different ways. For best results, you should only eat these foods without cheat days! That would regress your progress. These nine groups of foods contain all the nourishment that you need to keep a stable and healthy life. 

To make it simpler, we create weekly a meal plan, making three days out of seven, separation days and the rest connection days. In the separation days we don’t eat legumes, stem cells of fruits or long stem fruits; we can eat any of the other groups and adding 8 oz of Ginseng leaf tea three times a day, with each meal, before or after, it doesn’t make a difference. These separation days are two days in a row, a connection day in between, and another separation day.

Each cup of Ginseng leaf tea could contain between 1 gr to 2 gr of Ginseng.

If at some point, you decide to stop the process of elevation of consciousness, simply stop taking the separator of stimulus and continue with your plant based diet to maintain your high frequency levels.

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You should ask your doctor before starting the Conscious diet SM, to see if this is a good option for you.