How to Transition From Your Day Job to Your Life Purpose

from day job to life purpose

How to Transition From Your Day Job to Your Life Purpose

I usually don’t share my personal story. There is so much to talk about, that I forget about myself sometimes.

The realization of my life purpose is the happiest moment of my life. And I say “is” instead of “was” because every day I find something else that helps me discover it again and again, it evolves as I evolve too.

The more difficult part of this journey was how to transition from what I was doing at the time to living my life purpose fully, to find the inspiration to write and heal.

That transition and how we approach it is part of the life purpose too, we can’t simply expect to be transferred from one reality to the next without a transition and a learning experience. 

I am loving every day of this process, I have learned so many new things and I have exceeded my own preset limits that I thought I had. I thought I was only meant to do one thing right, but little I knew that I can do many things right. The best part is that “right” only means “right for me” not what is right from other people’s perspective or in comparison to anyone else.

I hope you can find my story inspiring, and find some information that can lead you to make your own transition from your current occupation to your life purpose without disconnecting from the physical world, grounded and centered. Remember that the point of living the purpose in this form is to experience it as a human. And for that we need to find the balance between the mundane world and the calling of the spirit.

Enjoy the video! Light and love.


Johanna Bassols

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