11 Things About the Pineal Gland You’ll Definitely Want to Know

11 Things About the Pineal Gland You’ll Definitely Want to Know

The pineal gland is an interesting part of our endocrine system which has obvious and more mysterious purposes. Along with helping to regulate our sleep-wake cycles, the pineal gland is also a gateway to an entirely different, some argue spiritually expanded, experience.

Here are eleven important things about this tiny, pine-cone shaped gland in the center of the brain which you may not know.


  1. DMT is natural psychedelic substance created by the pineal gland which has the capacity to unlock human potential in ways we’ve only imagined.
  2. There is a reservoir of water around the pineal gland which contains piezo luminescent crystals, and piezo chromatic crystals that can release every color of the rainbow. They only become activated when DMT is released. These crystals also create photons, a form of light energy thought to be the energetic premise for everything in the Universe.
  3. The pineal gland is thought to be the gateway between physical reality and spiritual reality. Though shamans in many cultures have used different plant substances like Ibogaine (the primary active plant compound being the root of the Tabernanthe Iboga shrub), Ayahuasca, and others to experience higher states of consciousness, the plant compounds just activate the pineal gland, to let it do exactly what is what designed to do. These plant substances are not a magic pill, but they do allow the deep spiritual work required of us, in a way that makes seeing all our faults (shadow self) and strengths in clear, unfettered light.
  4. The halos seen around the Buddha and Jesus in art are the beams of light that the pineal gland help us to release – to expand our aura and consciousness.
  5. The pineal gland can be stimulated to awaken or decalcify without the use of psychedelics, with practices like meditation, and yoga. When you meditate your body produces more melatonin, serotonin, and DMT, all chemicals associated with a highly functioning pineal gland. Sound vibrations can also have a profound effect on the pineal gland.
  6. Fluoridated water is one of the worst things for your pineal gland’s health. Several studies show that drinking fluoridated water, using it in your toothpaste, or being exposed to it in other ways, causes the pineal gland to become calcified. This inhibits its proper functioning, and limits our ability to experience higher levels of consciousness.
  7. Spiritual adepts call the pineal gland a gateway to other dimensions. Quantum physics is proving that there are other dimensions besides the one that we are living in. An open pineal gland allows us to visit them. Spiritual intuitives like Edgar Cayce called the pineal gland a “bio-stargate” that allows us to access Infinite Mind.
  8. The pineal gland is formed as part of the “limbic” or emotional brain when we are just a fetus in our mother’s belly, but it is not made of brain cells.
  9. Though the pineal gland is in the center of the brain it is one of the few parts of the brain that is not separated from the rest of the body with the blood-brain barrier. This means that everything that affects our bodies, also affects our pineal gland. This includes diet, stress, toxins, etc.
  10. The Holy Grail is thought to be a reference to the “Holy Waters” surrounding the pineal gland – and the chalice which allows us to hold the elixir of immortal life. It has also been referred to as the “lost key” which will help to free humankind from their collective egoic prison.
  11. Most psychic abilities are derived from the opening of the third-eye chakra, or the pineal gland. Clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and more are all the result of a non-calcified, awakened pineal gland.

To care for this precious gem in the middle of the brain, be sure to get plenty of sleep in a pitch-dark room (this helps to create more melatonin and DMT), eat a healthy, plant-based diet, reduce exposure to toxins like fluoride, and meditate whenever you can. The gifts of the pineal gland are enormous, when we honor its purpose.


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