4 Astounding Ways Breathing Changes Your Mind and Body

4 Astounding Ways Breathing Changes Your Mind and Body

One of the cheapest, easiest remedies for many of the challenges of life that we face is accessible to us no matter where we are, no matter who we are, and what we are doing.

It’s breathing.

This ancient tool is often done unconsciously by most of us. Thankfully we don’t have to think about breathing, but if we do, and alter our breath, then we can experience the following amazing changes in our bodies and minds:

Breathing Changes Your Heart Rate and Reduces Heart Rate Variability

Heart rate variability is the rate at which your heart alters its rhythm. Everyone’s heart will have some irregularity in the way it beats, but the less irregularity between each beat, the better.  For example, there may be .087 seconds between one heartbeat and the next, and 1.02 seconds between the following two beats. A less erratic heart rate (less variability) is correlated with improved states of health and a calmer mind. [i]

Deep Breathing Helps You to Think More Clearly

If you want a clear head, you need plenty of oxygen to be moving through all those brain cells, neurotransmitters, and synapses. Deep breathing increases the flow of oxygen to your brain which can help the brain detox more quickly and think more clearly. This impacts hormone regulation and many other factors than can alter your mood, mental clarity, memory and more.

Breathing Alters Your Gene Expression

It sounds outlandish, but changing the way you breathe can change the way your genes express. Diaphragmatic action (the way your diaphragm expands and contracts with the movement of your lungs when you take a full breath) can reduce proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokine gene expression in the ventilatory muscles. [ii]

There have also been an explosion of scientific papers lately that state that something as simple as your breathing pattern can cause epigenetic changes in your gene expression that can completely alter your own health, but also the health of your progeny and their progeny for up to 12 generations. WOW. [iii] [iv]

This is likely because a deep, slow breath alters your stress response and reduces the cascade of hormones that can increase inflammation, cause digestive problems, and even alter the way you sleep – caused by a stress breath.

A stress breath is how most of us breathe unconsciously almost every day. We either breathe in a panicked, fast, shallow way or we stop breathing completely. We hold our breath in times of overt stress. To counter act this and start changing your gene expression breathe mindfully and deeply as often as you can.

You Can Connect to Permanent Memories and Reset Your Temporary Memories

You probably have heard me say that I’ve been on the search for having a better understanding of Consciousness since I was 6 years old. I have learned many methods and read many books but nothing filled my cup. Until I finally had a strong experience of awareness in 2015 which answered many of the questions I had.

There, between other things, I received the understanding that every experience is already on the mind, or matrix, from the beginning to the end of our lives and of all creation. We don’t create new experiences, we choose them.

The future is a memory that we don’t remember yet. Time is cyclical and with every movement of rotation and revolution of the earth we access new memories of the matrix.

50% of our experience is a memory, and the other 50% is light impulses that are translated as real time circumstances by the optic nerve and brain medulla.

When we breathe in certain sequences that I’ve developed under the name of Reprogramming Breathing, we can access the permanent memories and reset the temporary memories.

Temporary memories are supposed to give us a sense of direction according to the energy that we manage now vs. what is there for us since the beginning of all creation.

But most times than not, temporary memories cause confusion and overwhelm because we don’t discern consciously the energies that we expose ourselves to; we simply go through life taking anything that crosses our path, eating any kind of food, listening to any music that is playing on the radio, and watching fake news.

In one of my YouTube videos, I shared just a small sample of one of the sequences of Reprogramming Breathing. This technique will help you disconnect temporarily of the memories that are overwhelming and not letting you see the big picture.

Enjoy your breathing.

Breathing Technique to Clear Your Brain Fog


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