4 Ways to Positively Influence Someone Without Causing Tension

4 Ways to Positively Influence Someone Without Causing Tension

We all want to be a positive influence for those we love, or even for those we don’t know, but the problem is they are not always willing to listen and that’s when the tension starts.

We know that this particular thing is going to be great for them and it could improve their lives tremendously, but they see it as an intrusion and a form of criticism.

Here are some ways to approach your audience without risking pressing the “I’m offended” button:


1– Be the example: Share how good you feel because of this wonderful thing you are doing. Let your enthusiasm engage your listeners.

2- Create a mastermind group: Invite a few people to talk about this topic and let the energy of the group do the work.

3- Invite this person or group to do this activity with you: “Join me in this challenge”, “Could you come with me to this, I don’t want to go by myself”, or “There’s no one I rather do this with”

4- Sharing is caring: Talk about it, sound enthusiastic but do not impose. Even if your audience starts commenting negatively, you should remain completely convinced and happy that you are doing this thing. This will be enough to break the ice wall of their belief system and implant the interest in this wonderful thing you are doing.


When I quit drinking and started a vegan diet in 2015, I didn’t tel anyone specifically “You have to be vegan” or “You have to quit drinking”. I simply started feeling great and it showed in my physical appearance too.

In less than a month from letting go of these two habits, I lost weight, I had tons of energy, my skin started to look amazing, my mind was under control, my hair grew healthy and long, and I was still enjoying myself at social settings, even more now because I was fully myself.

Shortly after, a couple of people close to me started giving up on drinking, and making changes on their diet to transition to veganism. They also started feeling awesome and to this day they continue making positive changes; one of them even became a renowned plant based pastry chef.

And the best thing is that I never had to sell them into anything. I simply expressed the message with no direct words, I showed it with my presence.

This is what I love about studying the semantics of consciousness, once you understand the meaning of something, words are not necessary to express it. All you need is yourself, you are the best message you can give.

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