5 Essential Truths About Etheric Energy

5 Essential Truths About Etheric Energy

We seem caged in a physical world.

Though we’ve made great discoveries in the quantum world, including proving the wave-particle duality as evidenced in the famous double-slit experiment, most of us still look at our bodies as if they were nothing more than flesh and blood, bone and sinew.

We know for example, that just observing any “material” phenomenon, we change its place, time, and characteristics in space. This must mean that we are much more than just a bunch of cells. Yet almost all modern allopathic models treat us like we’re a set of moving gears – a machine that can be pulled apart in sections without consideration of the whole. Certainly, we aren’t an ever-changing amalgamation of energy! But alas, we are also an etheric body, and this has far reaching implications.

Also called the subtle body, the human energy field, the rainbow body, the soul essence, or the aura, the etheric body is actually a set of “bodies” much like Russian dolls nested within each other. We have subtle bodies of higher frequencies which correspond to a pure divine expression of universal will, love, compassion, and wisdom.

In his book, Vibrational Medicine, author Dr. Richard Gerber describes a Korean acupuncturist who has observed the energetic matrix which precedes our human form in lab experiments. Dr. Kim has observed fine lines appearing under a powerful microscope within hours of fertilization of an egg. These were not related to blood matrices or veins but an “energetic holding pattern” which outlined the probability (if we were to look back to the wave-particle experiments) of an outcome.

Though this experiment was observed on an animal “embryo,” it suggests that the energetic body precedes any physical form. It would only logically follow that by altering the etheric body, the human form would also change.

For instance:

  1. All sickness shows up in the physical body long after it has already been in the etheric form. Therefore, attempting to heal the body from a purely physical standpoint would be like trying to stop a deluge when you know a tsunami is coming. If you were to simply change the direction of the tsunami or move out of its wake, this would be a much effective way of avoiding a massive flood. Similarly, when we acknowledge the etheric body and use modalities which heal from this level, we can avoid about 90% of all physical and emotional trauma.
  2. Modern, allopathic medicine is infantile and sometimes completely backwards in its method of treatment when you consider the history of energy medicine. The Japanese have been using Reiki since the early 20th The chakras were well understood at least 5,000 years ago in Hindu, Vedic, and Tibetan cultures, and Traditional Chinese Medicine bases its entire practice of acupuncture on the etheric (energy) meridians located throughout the body.
  3. It has been scientifically proven that each organ resonates at its own optimal frequency (an energetic vibration which is measureable) and happy people vibrate higher than unhappy ones. You can investigate the work described in “Measurement of the Human Biofield and Other Energetic Instruments”by Ms. Beverly Rubik, PhD.for confirmation of these statements.
  4. We’ve been taught healing all wrong. Eric Pearl explains it this way, “Let’s speak about light and information. Our bodies don’t heal the way we were taught. It doesn’t heal through chemicals. We heal via frequencies, vibration, information, resonance… The theory is that the degree to which we fall away from perfect health is the degree to which we have temporarily forgotten that we are light. And all we need to do for self-healing is to remember, to remind ourselves in a way that allows us to return to our natural state of light vibration. And as we vibrate in our natural state of light, anything denser than light pretty much has nothing left to hold on to, therefore it falls away.” Despite this information, most of us continue to attempt healing without recalling that we are essentially light – with its own perfect vibration.
  5. We are meant to liberate ourselves from the animal soul and ascend into the Divine Soul, primarily through our energy body. The animal-self, is based on the lower three chakras – concerned with only eating, reproducing, and earning or accumulating (ego). The upper chakras of the etheric body are waiting for us to take our training wheels off, and achieve our lower, animalistic needs to such a degree that we naturally begin to ascend into the higher energy of the upper chakras. The heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras (and even chakras beyond the physical body) are successively subtler levels of energy which bring us closer to God.

We can continue to look at the physical body as the end-all, be-all to our true health, but this is the grossest (most dense) level of energy expressed in the Universe. Beyond the physical body is a field of opportunity awaiting our conscious evolution.



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