5 Heart Opening Practices

5 Heart Opening Practices

These 5 basic practices will help you become more aware of your heart. This awareness heals your wounds and helps your heart open up harmoniously, day by day, until it’s back to its fullest capacity of living, loving, and being present.

As a nice bonus, I’m including below a video from my online class How to Break Your Identification With Emotional Trauma in 10 days”.
This video will guide you to experience a heart connection that will leave you inspired and fully calm.

From the online class “How to break your identification with emotional trauma”

1- Allow stillness

Don’t feel guilty for pausing, you deserve to stop, you deserve to breathe in silence. You are not obligated to fill every second of the day. Let yourself be still.

2- Practice conscious breathing

Breathing is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual and mental planes. Use it!
Focus your breathing on your heart. Visualize every inhalation entering your heart and every exhalation coming out of your heart. This will express your awareness and willingness to communicate with your heart’s consciousness.

3- Don’t suppress, allow emotions to flow

Allow your emotions to flow, they make you aware of the patterns and limitations that you have to heal to become more expansive, more yourself.
Emotions can be overwhelming, but suppressing them only prolongs them and transforms them into other conditions that you will have to address one way or another down the road.

4- Detach, less is more

The more you hold onto, the more you separate from your truth. Allow your heart to be free from all you’ve been carrying. You no longer need to hold on to that persona who you are not. Simply say “no more”.

5- Be present

Presence is the state in which you apply all of the above practices. When you are present you are fully aware of yourself, in control of your breathing, allowing your energy and emotions to flow, and embodying your truest self.

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