A Quick Guide to Fasting for the Spirit

A Quick Guide to Fasting for the Spirit

When I talk about fasting for the spirit, I mean just that. It is ironic that nowadays we even have to make a clarification, that fasting is actually not meant to be used to lose weight for superficial reasons, but a tool for enlightenment.

When we are in a path of enlightenment, some of the first steps that we must take are towards restructuring the body and soul, to find a point of optimum balance, a point in which all of our systems work efficiently, in their best capacity and without stressing the rest of the body and soul. Only when we have found this balance, then we can experience true awareness.

Fasting, is one of the ways in which we accelerate the release of toxins, and other toxic elements that we accumulate in our body. The days of fasting are also the ones of most mental clarity.

It is not just the absence of food, but the absence of movement inside the body that gives you the peace and stillness needed to reach higher levels of consciousness. When you train your body and brain to stop requesting things at all times, then you can really focus in hearing the voice of the spirit, in being aware of its presence.

Check this quick guide to help you get started!


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