Activating Your Programs, What do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Activating Your Programs, What do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

If you have been following my videos, by now you are somewhat an expert in the 4 elements. In my last video, I talked about the elemental configuration of programs.

Every single program has a configuration of elements. It is not as simple as these 4, but this helps us work with them in a way that we can understand and manage.

This first picture shows what a program looks like summarized in the 4 elements, and the second picture shows what a program looks like when I activate it for someone else using the soul reprogramming method.



Do you see it now? It is a code. If you can become the elemental configuration of a program, you can be whatever you want, as simple as that.

But what is preventing you from doing it?

1- Your original configuration, you might have been born under a specific astrological configuration that is not this

2- Your stored emotions, ideas, beliefs, and thoughts. Those carry their own elemental configuration that merges into yours and you end up becoming those thoughts, ideas, emotions, and beliefs

3- Your cellular memory. Stuff that is not even yours that belongs to your ancestors and it is blocking you from becoming anything you want

That’s not cool!

Luckily there is a way out of this, but requires that you can communicate with yourself to heal the energetic imbalances and the cellular memory and then learn how to talk elemental language.

Too hard?

It is way easier than spending years of your life doing the wrong thing because you were only perceiving what was a temporary influence of emotions that you carried at the time, and then when the influence goes away, becoming utterly dissatisfied with what you do, with the choices you made, and with life because you were following the wrong messages. These temporary influences that make you take certain decisions that then you regret, are what I call brain impulses.

You will find more information about how to control brain impulses in my videos too.

In this example we talk about the athlete configuration, this does not include golfers (sorry), I would put golfers in the same program as gamblers, and people who play mentally stimulating games, like board games.

An athlete needs 40% of fire, physical strength to be able to play the game. He also needs 30% of air, to think about the strategy, it’s not just about physical power. An athlete needs 20% of earth because he needs to be grounded and present, but must be flexible to make that last minute decision that can save the game. He only needs 10% of water because a game is no place to be emotional. He must be able to discern game from reality, and should not let his emotions interfere, but that 10% of water will allow him to focus and use critical thinking to make the next move.

Until the next post!

Light and love,

See you in class.

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