Breathing Technique To Improve Your Meditation

Breathing Technique To Improve Your Meditation

Breathing is the language of consciousness.

Consciousness is housed in the center of every atom in your body.

Your body responds to your breathing signals, connecting the brain and body response.

To reach the state of awareness, a state of being necessary for meditation and to experience presence, you have to find the way of reducing distractions coming from the exterior, and also from your own brain and body -which are the hardest to control.

Excessive neuronal impulses, take your perception from past to future, making your mind wonder, and making you act impulsively, like if you were on autopilot.

Living in balance is a lifestyle, not only something that you do on weekends from 9:00 to 10:30 when you practice yoga.

To achieve balance, you have to eliminate the source of excessive neuronal impulses, like addictive foods, people, situations, environments, etc.

I have shared before that the foods that cause the most interference are those that are addictive, like sugars, alcohol, animal products, gluten, coffee, and chocolate, but you can add to this list anything that is addictive for you.

Despite the fact that you can train your brain with this breathing technique that I’m about to share, and achieve the same results of awareness as in a regular meditation, you should always look for ways of making presence and awareness your default state of being instead of distraction and unconsciousness.

For this exercise we are going to use a master that we all have access to but often ignore or fear: Pain.

Pain is a tool that we, knowingly or unknowingly naturally use for enlightenment and spiritual development.

I developed this technique as part of my second book, “The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness: Cellular Activation”, where I explore the effect of different neurotransmitters and how we can use each one of them to create new habits of behavior, perception, or of physical performance.

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