Emotional Healing Is Not Complete Until We Detox Our Body

Emotional Healing Is Not Complete Until We Detox Our Body

In all my years of helping people heal energetic imbalances caused by emotional trauma, I have yet to see one case in which the emotional trauma was not also affecting the physical body.

In some cases, the physical manifestation of the trauma is much more evident than the emotional one. Sometimes when I’ve had trouble getting to the root of a subconscious blockage, I’ve simply asked my patient “where is your pain?” and that alone would lead me to understand the extent of the subconscious matter.

When I was growing up, I suffered from pain and trauma in my knees, I would constantly fall from my bicycle, fall on my knees, or bump into things.

I remember my pain being so bad that my parents considered I should have knee surgery.

Luckily they opted for another way of healing, which was very common in my household: to just wait!

Fast forward thirty years later, now I don’t have any pain or discomfort in my knees, and I can clearly identify the day and time when the knee pain stopped. It was the day I moved out of my parent’s house.

I had moved from Peru to Miami, and I remember calling my parents a few days later to let them know that, surprisingly, I had no more knee pain. They said it was the weather, they couldn’t explain how magically my pain was gone from one day to the next.

And although the weather in Miami is warmer, Peru is not where my pain started. It started when we lived in Venezuela, where the weather is tropical and very similar to the weather in Miami.

It was not the weather, it was them! My relationship with my parents was not perfect, and for someone with my natural instinct to rebel to authorities it was a real trauma to have to obey any command.

I had not a drop of flexibility in me. I was really strict, and disciplined, but also stubborn and rebellious.

All of these elements where the reason for my knee pain, and when I no longer needed to be strict or inflexible, because there was no one to trigger those emotions in me, my pain was gone.

I’ve known people who have developed tumors from emotional traumas that their body couldn’t heal on their own, and the tumor removal has helped them improve the emotional condition as well.

However, it’s important to see the emotional aspect as the source and the physical aspect as the manifestation. We need to address the emotional part for a permanent solution, otherwise the physical condition can return or become chronic.

In my most recent book, The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness: Cellular Activation, I offer both options; ways to experience temporary, but immediate alleviation of emotional imbalances that are causing disruption on your physical body, and also permanent ways of changing your cellular patterns or creating new ones.

Cellular Activation gives you a clear process to detox your body from unconscious patterns and emotional imbalances, as well as the ability to record new patterns and automatize them using a combination of breathing, body movements, and foods.


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