Emotions and Their Effect in the Physical Body

Emotions and Their Effect in the Physical Body

Emotions can affect our health in many ways, not only the accumulated emotions, but also the active ones. The ones that are triggered every time that we encounter certain pre-programmed circumstances.⠀

In addition to that, we also have emotional programming that we have inherited through cellular memory. This is the sum of all the recorded experiences and emotions from our ancestors and society in the entire history of humanity.⠀

We, humans, are designed this way because we have limited life time per each cycle. If we didn’t have cellular memory, we could not continue where the last generation left off. We would have to invent the wheel and discover fire in every life time.⠀

In that sense, cellular memory is necessary for our evolution and to give us a sense of time, but we are conditioned by that past programming and we need to release the limiting aspects of it in order to make the present time the best possible experience.

Some of the emotion- physical body connections that I am presenting this week are:

Emotions about money:
These cause excessive production of magnetic fluid which can lead to increase the production of fluids from organs and muscles causing acid re-flux, muscular pain or soreness, menstrual cramps, excess of bile and uric acid, stress, etc.

Emotions about changing one’s source of livelihood:
Negative emotions about changing one’s job, or losing a source of income or stability, can increase the risk of  heart conditions, especially in the coronary arteries which represent source of blood (livelihood) for the heart. These emotions can also affect the sciatic nerve and cause other lower back problems which are directly connected to stability.

Emotions about leaving a partner:
These can have immediate effects in the heart, if we depend of this partner in any way that compromises our livelihood. Other common effects are in the stomach where we condense the emotions about intolerance, anger, and most of the fears, including fear of loss.

Emotions about not completing cycles or quitting before the completion of something:
These can cause irreparable damage in the brain, especially in the parts with functions of completing tasks such as the lower left hemisphere and the intermediate lobe of the pituitary gland.

And there are so many more!!!
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