Healing the Psychosomatic Body

Healing the Psychosomatic Body

We need psychosomatic healing.

We’ve had a psychosomatic body for eons, though an awareness of it has become more prominent with the work of French phenomenologist Maurice Merleau-Ponty, who posited that our emotions form our psychology which then forms disease or wellness in a model that differs greatly from the biomedical way of thinking.

His existential view, shared with Jean-Paul Satre and Simone de Beauvoir helped to inform the models of alternative health that we see today, but the roots of this philosophy go way farther back in our history. [1]

Most of us have only heard the term psycho-somatic to describe an illness that is “made up in someone’s head,” however, the mind (psyche) and body (soma) are always interacting in an orderly way to affect our state of health. This happens on a minute-by-minute and even a micro-second-by-micro-second basis

For those who are aware of their body’s intelligence, and the effect of the psyche upon it, illness will begin to tell us that there is something amiss. This is not the first layer of the body to speak to an imbalance, but it is most often the one that we are capable of observing at our levels of mundane consciousness. Highly conscious individuals can see an imbalance long before it manifests in the body, and even before it manifests outwardly in the psyche.

This is how adepts, shaman, and yogis can tell someone that they need to seek healing for cancer or another serious illness before they have even been diagnosed with allopathic medicine. Rudimentary tools are now showing us our latent sicknesses (imbalances) before we see a doctor, but eventually, our elevated consciousness will allow for diagnosis instantaneously, thereby allowing a shift in frequency to avoid the illness altogether.

Infrared imaging, electromyography, other tools are beginning to allow us to observe the auric field, but this is just a start. [2] [3] The medical intuitive’s skills more closely match what we will all be able to do as our consciousness evolves.

As intuitive Caroline Myss has detailed, we are naturally intuitive and our intuitive senses continually provide us with data about our health and well-being. We have multiple intuitive senses, from our gut instinct to an evolved spiritual sense which can be employed for determining our own state of health. [4]

I also discuss ways to reset the psychosomatic layer of the body in my book, The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness: Soul Restructuring, but let’s look more closely at what this is.

The psychosomatic body does not store essential elements but serves as a distributor of subtle energies from the emotional and mental bodies. Most alternative healing therapies heal on this layer, and it would be foolish to believe that any illness in the body, does not have at its root, an emotional upset.

Looking at a single negative emotion, we can see what far-reaching effects it can have upon our physical and mental wellness.

Paramahansa Yogananda describes how anger can give rise to further negative emotions:

Anger gives birth to jealousy, hatred, spite, revengefulness, destructive instinct, wild ideas, brain paralysis, and temporary insanity — any of which may lead to terrible crimes. It is poison to peace and calmness. It is poison to understanding. Anger is a manner of misunderstanding. To conquer others by anger is the method of fools, for anger only rouses more wrath in the enemy and thus makes him a stronger and more powerful opponent. A righteous demonstration of anger to avert evil without causing harm is sometimes productive of good. Blind, uncontrolled anger is revengeful, spiteful; it only increases the evil that you wish to destroy. Be indifferent to those who seem to enjoy making you angry.” [5]

We all have bouts of short-lived anger, but if this becomes our default emotional state with this emotion lodging in our bodies, very specific ailments tend to arise, including:

  • A 2X risk for coronary heart disease and death from a heart attack. [6]
  • A higher risk for stroke and brain aneurism.
  • A weakened immune system, including a dip in the antibody immunoglobulin A. [7]
  • Increased anxiety, which can lead to spikes in blood sugar levels, cortisol, and other hormonal changes that can be damaging.
  • Increased depression which is linked to every disease from obesity to diabetes to neurological and cognitive harm.
  • Perpetual anger can cause inflammatory damage to the lungs, just like the harm caused by smoking. [8]

If negative emotions like anger are not correctly processed by the psychosomatic body, then they are often stored on deeper levels that can be more difficult to heal.

Our deep, emotional wounds are the true cause of our ill health.

Emotional conflicts within us are blockages at the level of our life force, or qi, as it is referenced in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

There are many modalities which successfully treat psychosomatic health, among them Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Ayurveda, yoga therapy, homeopathy, shamanism, and the ancient Greek system of medicine.

With proper guidance you can utilize the tools offered in The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness: Soul Restructuring to heal your deepest emotional wounds, and realize optimum health.

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