How Emotions Get Stored in the Physical Body

How Emotions Get Stored in the Physical Body

You may have heard that emotions get stored in our bodies. If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, then you may have even heard the Sanskrit term “samskara,” which translates to mean “the subtle impressions of our past actions.” This means that every experience we’ve ever had, in this life or if you believe in past lives, other lives, is stored in our muscles, bones, and cells. This isn’t just an ancient philosophical idea. It has also been proven scientifically. [1]

Samskaras are Frozen Emotional Energy

Samskaras are also just habits. The prefix of samskara, “sam” means planned action. “Kara” means the impression of or impact of that action. Normally this is done with full awareness. And our bodies, arguably ALWAYS maintain full awareness of any action undertaken.  It is when we become consciously disassociated from an action that it becomes frozen in the body until it can be fully experienced and released.

If an action is repeated again and again (forming a habit) those subtle impressions in our mind regarding that action become stronger. Usually, the stronger the habit, and more unconscious it is, the more “frozen” those impressions are within our mind-body.

Science Proves How the Body Stores Emotions

Leading researcher and neuroscience expert, Candace Pert has done groundbreaking research that proves the body stores all emotions. Psychologists will blame mood disorders or unbalanced neurotransmitters but this is a very small part of the full picture.

Pert says that certain emotions trigger the release of compounds called peptides that are stored in the tissues, organs and muscles.

These neuropeptides (located not just in the brain, but throughout the body, and particularly in our guts – where we “stomach” emotions) lock into receptors that are attached to the cells in the body. When the neuropeptides become triggered, individual neuropeptides turn on certain “messages” that tell the body how to think, feel, and behave – all the way down to the level of your DNA. [2]

Releasing Emotions One Layer at a Time

You will know you have fully healed stored or “frozen” emotions when they have bubbled up to the surface, released from the tissues, and you feel them “freshly” so that they can be integrated or released fully.

You can bring these stored emotions into full consciousness one layer at a time. The result is the physical sensation of feeling lighter, and more free. You are then open to experience your natural state of joy, love, hope, compassion, vulnerability and tenderness.

In my books, lectures, and video-courses I discuss ways to help bring these emotions and stored habits in the body to the surface so that they can be healed. You can also learn about the SRM Reprogramming Healing, here, to get started.

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