Is Being Spiritual and Spiritual Awareness, the Same Thing?

Is Being Spiritual and Spiritual Awareness, the Same Thing?

Many of you are asking me if one can be spiritual and eat meat.

I don’t have all the answers, but this is what I have learned in my own self discovery path: We are all spiritual beings no matter how aware or unaware of it we are about it.

It is like gravity, whether you know it, understand it or even have heard about gravity, you will still be affected by gravity. The same thing happens with the spirit, we can’t exist without it. However, we are in this form in a mission of self discovery. Spirit wants to recognize itself to allow it to expand in the levels of consciousness of the spirit (when we are no longer physical beings, nor astral beings, but pure spirit).

The levels of awareness are a way to identify how aware you are of spirit. This awareness makes you change the way that you do things, it makes you perceive things differently and it makes you want to do new things that could have a positive impact on others. But all that is a process, sometimes it takes several life times to get to that point.

It could be shocking to hear sometimes, it may or may not resonate with our present life style. It for sure didn’t resonate with mine, I was not always vegan, I use to drink like a viking and ate a ton of meat, I would make fun of my vegan friends and called them hippies, and I couldn’t even imagine leaving my house without make up or doing my hair, I was completely unaware of my spiritual self, although I always communicated with non physical beings, I thought I was just weird.

Now? What happened to me? I would lie if I say I cant explain it or that I don’t know what to call it because I just wrote a book about it. It is the path I chose of activation of the DNA. Other people reach awakening in other ways, sometimes without knowing it, because of suffering and other life changing events. What happened to me is that I started remembering, like if I had lived 2000 years ago a very spiritual life and I started remembering all about it. Then I realized that we all can remember, we can trigger that reconnection through DNA activation.

The only way to start triggering your connection is by self reflecting, ask questions, wonder, going out of your comfort zone, if something bothers you, like me talking about being vegan then ask yourself why. What are you afraid of giving up? Perhaps if you knew what you will gain after giving up on that attachment you would regret you didn’t do it sooner. We all have to discover this at our own precious time.

I am just a seed, an activator. If everyone would agree with me all the time, I am doing nothing new to elevate consciousness.

Blessings my beloved all. 

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