Love Me The Way I Want To Be Loved

Love Me The Way I Want To Be Loved

Many of us have spent our lives either looking for love or unhappy with the love we have. This is invariably true, unless we have gone through some difficult learning experience that can help us realize that love is not a thing, nor it can be found in others.

It is easier said than done to realize love comes from within.  We have all been there at some point – looking for love outside ourselves. That is what we come to experience in this physical form. We see reflections of the parts of us we have yet learned to love in others.  We come here to recognize ourselves, however, and for that we come in a shape, size, ethnicity or gender that doesn’t let us see clearly at first, to make our search a truly meaningful one.

Our default action is to search for in others what we don’t have in ourselves.  That is where the elemental imbalances come into play and take on an enormous role. If we lack an element, we look for someone who has the opposite imbalance, he or she has an excess of that element and we immediately feel attracted.

If you never solve your elemental imbalances that attraction turns into attachment and then into obsession. This is not love. Though we often mistake it for being love.

And so, we continue, thinking that we have found a twin flame, a soul mate, a half orange; until the person starts getting tired of giving us that element that we lack. We take it away from him or her every day and never give it back because we can’t fill up a void.  It will never be enough. And then the romance starts falling apart.

A relationship born from an elemental imbalance never lasts. No surprises, it is all chemical balancing.

The only way of really finding satisfaction in anything we do, including in our romantic or friendship based relationships, is when we have taken care of the relationship with ourselves first. Have you faced your fears? Have you nourished yourself appropriately? Have you stopped judging and comparing yourself to others?

No one can do this for you, or fill this void. It is the most important relationships that you will ever have, the one with yourself.

After realizing who you really are through awareness, you can be in any relationship without fear, hesitation, or regret, because you will have had experienced your TRUE self. You will know that everything is circumstantial, except one thing, YOU…

Not the idea, or belief, or judgement that you may have of yourself, but your TRUE self, that never changes no matter what your job is, who your parents are, what country you live in or in what relationship you are in now.

This true self is waiting for you to want to recognize it, and honor it. Then it will wait for you to be ready to accept it, and after that it will wait for you to be ready to become it, embody it.

You will never experience more love than this.

I wish for you that the guiding light puts you on the right path to heal and become the true self.

Infinite blessings!

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