Pressure Points for Emotional Release and Full Body Balance

Pressure Points for Emotional Release and Full Body Balance

Pressure points are access points that allow us to stimulate our nervous system and promote energy flow.

Our entire body is an intricate network of nerves, neurons, cells, organs, tissues, etc. that work perfectly together; unless there are blockages along the network preventing the proper communication between its components.

When we press an access point or nervous terminal, we trigger the release of chemicals that give us an instant feel-good effect. Pressure points can be used for immediate release of symptoms or as a daily practice in order to prevent future imbalances.

The time to hold a pressure point differs along practitioners, some also prefer to hold steady pressure instead of massaging the area. 

In my personal practice I've learned to listen to my body, I like going from less to more in terms of intensity and to go as far as I feel satisfied with my experience.

I prefer holding pressure for 30 seconds at a time. When the point I'm pressing feels saturated or it's painful, I like massaging it to help moving the energy stored there. 

I love taking notes in a journal of any energy knots in the pressure points to help notice more easily if I'm creating patterns of stress in that area or if I'm accumulating emotions in any part of my body. Usually a tense nervous terminal leads you to a specific organ from where you can identify what emotions you are storing.

All of these relationships have been studied throughout the years in holistic medicine. Chinese Medicine has been a strong proponent of the relationship between the nervous system and the organs, while other more westernized medicine trends have linked the nervous system to the brain mainly.

At the end of the day, everything is connected within us, we can read our overall health by analyzing our nervous system, our eyes, tongue, brain or the entire body as a whole.

With these practices in the videos below, you will be able to experience immediate relaxation or relief if you are trying to improve a symptom like pain, indigestion, or a runny nose.

All of this information will be shared with greater detail on my upcoming book and self-healing method called Emotional Response, that I will be formally announcing soon! 

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