Reprogramming Consistent Patterns of Behavior

Reprogramming Consistent Patterns of Behavior

Most of your ways of behaving in life are based on deep, subconscious beliefs and ways of seeing the world. If you look at a simple table or chair right now, it only exists to you based on the perceptions you’ve created around your interactions with that table or chair. This is the same with people, jobs, relationships, and other circumstances in your life.

You may consciously want different relationships, a different career, or different ways of expressing yourself and interacting with others, but you will almost always default to habitual patterns of behavior – most of which you are not even conscious you are engaged in.

Your subconscious mind is not your enemy. It is doing exactly what it is meant to do. It is your gatekeeper. It is meant to keep you safe and alive. This doesn’t mean that it always makes the best decisions if you want to step outside of your comfort zone – even if that comfort zone includes staying stuck in a dead-end job, remaining in an unsatisfying or abusive relationship, or just not letting your light shine as bright as it possibly can.

There is even a physiological aspect of the subconscious mind. Within your body, the homeostatic impulse that regulates your body temperature, your heartbeat, and your breathing is regulated. Your autonomic nervous system maintains this homeostatic impulse. Thousands of chemical reactions coordinated among billions of cells and neural synapses ensure that your body stays in harmony. So, there is a lot at stake when we start to try to alter our lives and break free from our “norm.”[1]

The question then becomes – how do we alter our repetitive actions so that they are positive and uplifting, rather than self-sabotaging and self-limiting?

You can alter your patterns with repetitive action, trying again and again to do something differently, only to find that you make little to no progress, or you can take hold of these patterns at the level that they grew, accessing the seeds.

You can’t grow a lemon from a pear tree. If you want different results, you need to plant new, different seeds, nurture them and allow them to grow into new experiences.

How To Retrain Your Subconscious Mind

Here are a few steps to take to start to alter your subconscious programs:

  • Know that change is possible. People massively alter their lives all the time. They make such significant changes that people who know them at one point in their lives may not even recognize them just a few short years later. Know that whatever patterns you have now, they can ALL be altered.
  • Notice the pattern. One of the first steps to altering subconscious patterns is by having conscious awareness of them. Slow down, spend time in quiet contemplation, and see where you create the same results consistently by doing the same things. Don’t beat yourself up about these patterns, just be in calm observation of the pattern itself.  [2]
  • Change your-self talk. The way that we think about ourselves and talk to ourselves inside our own minds matters. Even the parts of us that we don’t fully love and accept can be loved and accepted more. If you have made bad decisions in the past,don’t beat yourself up for a subconscious pattern that has been running on auto-pilot. Practice forgiveness of yourself and others and start anew.
  • Surround yourself with positive people who live in patterns that match the ones you want to develop for yourself. The people around you have an immense influence on your mental state. Be sure that you are spending time with people who live the way you would like to be living, and think the way you would like to be thinking.
  • Practice gratitude. Energetically, gratitude is one of the highest energetic levels you can reside within. Actively express thanks for everything you have in your life that is positive.  This changes your mental focus, and teaches your subconscious mind that you want more of the thing that you are expressing thanks for.
  • Forget about the how. You don’t need to know how your life will change for the better. It will often look nothing likewhat you think it should. Just do the internal work to fix your beliefs and habits, and you’ll see miraculous results externally.
  • Meditate. The fastest way to access your deep beliefs – to both excavate the ones that don’t serve you and to install new ones is by altering your brainwave frequency. By getting into deeper brain wave states – which meditation facilitates – you can start to plant positive seeds that will eventually grow a beautiful garden and phenomenal life.

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