Take This Chakra Test to Find Out How Your Energy is Flowing

Take This Chakra Test to Find Out How Your Energy is Flowing

If the blood of our bodies is the river of life, then the rainbow-colored chakras allow the stream of Universal energy to flow through us. These seven ‘vortices’, or ‘wheels’, as chakra translates from the Sanskrit language, are charged and recharged from the Infinite but sometimes our lifestyles, our emotional state, or our current level of spiritual development can impede this flow.

The seven chakras align along the spine, directing energy to the pineal gland, known as the seat of the soul, and then on to the crown and other ‘etheric chakras’ that lay beyond the initial seven. When these chakras become blocked – with stress, toxins, and emotional baggage, our etheric batteries – the chakras – cannot properly recharge.

This stuck energy will start to manifest as physical and emotional distress. This is our body’s way of telling us that our etheric energy needs some maintenance. The same way you might take your car to get a tune-up, your energetic body needs periodic attention. For those of us who work diligently at yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, and other martial arts, for example, this maintenance is already wrapped up into our lifestyle.

For others, an energy healer or yogic master can be helpful, because they can tune into which chakras are compromised, and then help to facilitate a physical/emotional break-through. Quite literally, the release of stored and stagnant energy occurs.

Some very common core issues are associated with blockages in each chakra, and almost every illness or emotional upset can be traced to stuck energy in the chakras. For example:

Red – The Root Chakra – This chakra is responsible for our connection to the earth, but also represents our very first connection to others in the world, our mothers and fathers. Blockages in this chakra usually reflect a feeling that we are not protected and cared for. This can come out as addictive behavior, the tendency to over-work, eating disorders, colitis, diarrhea, impotence, hemorrhoids, piles, knee problems, etc.

Orange – The Second Chakra – The sacral chakra or second chakra is responsible for our passion and creativity. It is through this chakra that our feelings of sensual connection, intimacy, and pleasure are affected. Our society has greatly injured our second chakra through its warped images of sexuality and guilt-instilling of the natural sexual act. This often results in either blocked or over-active second chakra energy. Most reproductive and sexual disease are associated with blockages in this chakra.

Yellow – The Third Chakra – the solar plexus chakra regulates the energy of the ego or our personal will. This is where our self-discipline is formed, as well as our self-esteem. The way we want people to see us in the world is governed by this chakra. A healthy sense of self is good, but selfishness or the martyr syndrome are associated with blockages in this chakra. Without properly flowing energy in this chakra we cannot take informed action. We get stuck in procrastination and inertia.

Green – The Fourth Chakra – the heart chakra is where the base needs of the individual – food, shelter, personal love, etc. are transformed into the spiritual. This is where we start to connect from a loving a compassionate overflow, to others around us. All generosity, altruism, and respect for others comes from the heart chakra. You can imagine what transpires when the heart chakra is blocked. Problems with the lungs, heart disease, immune disorders, and fatigue are all indications of a heart chakra which may need attention.

Blue/Indigo – The Fifth Chakra – the properly functioning throat chakra helps us to express our unique voice in the world.  No one is just like us, not has the exact message we have to share, in the same way that no two snowflakes are alike. All blockages or impeded energy in this chakra will cause us to speak too often and not say much, or say little, and literally choke back the truth we have to share. The biggest issue with this chakra is negative thinking – since this is not in alignment with the message the Universal Oneness wants you to share, either with yourself, or with others, it will come out as a stifled fifth chakra, and still-born creativity.

Purple – The Sixth Chakra – The gift of the third eye, or the sixth chakra is clear insight. This chakra allows us to cut through illusion and see greater wisdom. It is also considered the initiates touchstone to blissful full awakening. Those with a highly functioning third eye do not need to force people or circumstances in life toward certain outcomes. They are masters at observing things from the higher, I am. When this chakra is fully activated both hemispheres of the brain are in full communication, and our logical and creative minds work together. One does not overpower the other. Blocked energy in the sixth chakra can manifest as insomnia or migraine headaches.

Violet – The Seventh Chakra – The seventh chakra or crown chakra is what connects us to Divinity. When this chakra is open and fully functioning without any blockages we understand the entire Universe without intellectual knowing, but a feeling of deep connectedness to all things. Some call this the energy of the ‘zero point field.’ Blockages in this chakra can manifest as paralysis or multiple sclerosis.

If you aren’t sure which of your chakras need some tuning, then you can take a simple test found below to help guide you in the right direction. Once you know what chakras need the most attention, you can practice yoga asana, change your diet, practice mantra, or try other chakra-charging exercises to help the energy open up and flow as it should.

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