The Discordant Energy of Intolerance- Air Element Imbalance

The Discordant Energy of Intolerance- Air Element Imbalance

When we talk about intolerance we are referring to various things not only to a pattern of behavior, as lack of tolerance, but also to a negative blockage in the soul that prevents us from expanding our cognition and wisdom. This kind of imbalance blocks our desire to knowing more, we become conformist and close ourselves to learning.

Intolerance is represented on the physical body as an excess of the element of air. We can trace this imbalance back to the soul, specifically to the mental layer and find there its roots.

In general, intolerance can be the result of an accumulation of numerous beliefs, ideas, and other blockages. For that reason, to effectively address it, it’s necessary to release all blockages from the soul. We can perhaps target one or two sources if we try to heal one by one with traditional methods, but there are many images, sounds, feelings, and more elements that our subconscious mind absorbs without our full awareness that could be contributing to this imbalance.

Watch this video to learn some practical ways to improve your tolerance.

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