The Universe Agrees With You!

The Universe Agrees With You!

When learning how to tap into your full Cosmic Consciousness, the first rule that you should become mindful of is this: The Universe is always saying yes. If you believe that you can’t achieve something the Universe says, “Yes, you are right!” If you believe love, prosperity, and joy are easy to come by, the Universe is always going to say, “Yes, you are right!”  This is because we are creators in the most real sense.

As discussed in The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness: Soul Restructuring, when we remove blockages to the true self, anything is possible. This is because the higher your level of consciousness is, the fewer beliefs you will tend to have on repeat which will minimize your capabilities to manifest exactly what you want.

When the soul and body are clear at all times, we can simply bring an outcome, an object, or a relationship that we desire into manifest reality with no friction, and seemingly miraculously. Those who have been in this state of mind can attest that this is true. Let’s say you’ve cleared out some emotional resistance to making more money or getting a raise at your current job.

Soon, you experience a serendipitous set of events that point you to a job posting on your company’s website that you never knew of before, and someone in the department for which you want to work somehow is introduced to you through a mutual friend. You have lunch together and develop a rapport. You apply for the job, go in for the interview and realize that your “new friend” is the person who is making the hiring decision for the position you want. Boom, it’s yours.

We don’t always understand that these events are directed by our higher, conscious Self. We are given the things we desire because we clear out the negative thoughts and emotional baggage that tell us we aren’t worth more. Then, and only then does the Universe shift to align with our desires. That’s because the Universe is always saying “Yes!”

If you were to continually say to yourself, “My job sucks, my boss is a tyrant and I am not living in alignment with my true passions.” Guess what you are going to get. A job that sucks. A boss that is a tyrant, and work that is not in alignment with your Soul’s purpose. The exact opposite is true when you choose different beliefs. When you think to yourself, “I have no ceiling on what I can make. I am prosperous. I love my job, and people truly value what I do.” The Universe will also say, “Yes!”

This is true for every aspect of your life. It applies to relationships. It applies to love and friendships just the same. It applies to your spiritual pursuits. It applies to your baseline emotional state every single day whether the sun is shining outside or there is a week of rain. If you’ve always longed to take a hot air balloon ride over the sea, you can manifest this. You can manifest anything.

You have no idea how truly powerful you are to create.

In order to create what you want instead of what you don’t want, you need to remove the blockages that cause you to think (subconsciously) in ways that create negative instead of positive experiences. As the book states very clearly, “We need to let go of it all [the junk] to make from for our dream’s to be fully manifested.”

As you can see from this diagram in The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness: Soul Restructuring, awareness is the central loci. It is the point from which the Universe manifests and interacts with you on a very subtle wavelength in every second of your life.

How can you check in on your level of consciousness? Look around you. Have you manifested a reality that reflects blockages and old emotional baggage, or have you manifested your dreams? Have you asked the Universe to give you love, joy, radiant health, and prosperity, or are there thoughts and beliefs stuck in your psyche that cause the Universe to deliver negative experiences instead?  If you don’t like what you see, you can change it, but you have to remove the emotional trauma and karmic baggage first. In The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness: Soul Restructuring you get exact instructions on how to do this.

The Universe is always saying “Yes!” No what do you want it to say yes to?

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