The Use of Subtle Energy for Autism

The Use of Subtle Energy for Autism

Though mainstream science is quick to disparage mind-body medicine for its lack of peer-reviewed, double-blind placebo studies carried out with large sample sizes and lengthy durations, we know that there is often little money to finance projects that would prove allopathic medicine is limited in its scope of healing.

This is true, also in the integration of autism into the human form. I say integration, because autism doesn’t need to be “cured,” but integrated into the mind and heart of the recipient of likely-plausibly advanced DNA. Moreover, any energetic medicine is hard for the materialist scientists to comprehend, let alone measure, since tools which can see, touch, or measure subtle energy are currently limited.

Moreover, almost every ancient, indigenous culture has a concept of a vital force, or subtle energy, yet Western medicine has none. There is the concept of:

  • Qi in China
  • Ki in Japan
  • Prana in India
  • rLung in Tibet, meaning inner winds (also the concept of the rainbow body, an ascended subtle body)
  • Ruach Ha Kodesh in ancient Hebrew languages, meaning “the breath of God”
  • Nafs and Ruh in Islamic cultures, meaning “soul breath”
  • Pneuma in ancient Greece, meaning “vital breath”
  • Spiritus Sanctus in Latin meaning “Holy Spirit”
  • Vis medicatrix or natura media from early the early Greek Hippocratic tradition
  • Aether, as used by the genius Nikolas Tesla and others from the classical European vitalism movement
  • Nilchi’I as named bythe Navajo, meaning “sacred life-giving force”
  • Ni by the Lakota Sioux meaning life force

. . . and it goes by many other names worldwide.

Yet biophysics is just now beginning to understand subtle energy, and reiterate ancient teachings about its nature. Are we simply to dismiss a concept that has been held sacred for eons because the last 200 years of reductionist science can’t figure out how it works or even what it is?

In order to use this force, or harness the subtle energy of the full psycho-spiritual Self, for the “healing” or integration of autism, we must approach it as with any other healing intention – be it cancer, fibromyalgia, or even the common cold.

The subtle energy body reflects the holographic wholeness of the entire Universe. Each cell, in fact contains the fully functioning, ascended form of God. The life force is the “breath of God,” as it was termed by the ancient Greeks, blown into the very essence of the human form.

Energetic healing is can take many forms. It is an umbrella term for any healing modality that allows the moving, swirling energy of the Universe – also within the human form – to be redirected toward a higher state of organization.

As Don Beck and Christopher Cowan describe in their theory of spiral dynamics, this energy can be influenced, even overtly manipulated, but if we try to impose solutions or structures that are too far ahead of the curve (that reflect or engage inappropriate evolutionary force) the result is alienation and rebellion rather than transformation. These feelings of alienation and rebellion can likely be sensed by anyone who has an autistic child.

Energetic healing looks beyond just physical symptoms to manipulate the subtle energetic meridians in the body to clear blocks, as well as repair and rebalance the body as a whole – this means a healer either overtly or subconsciously is aware that there are layers beyond the physical form which must be addressed and honored.

Trauma, stress, environmental damage and disease are stored in the energy fields of our bodies. This cannot be ignored. Disease, or even autism, is the body’s way of communicating that there is an energetic block, or that our body’s energy is unable to move harmoniously. As we go through DNA upgrades as they have been named in the prophecies of the ancients, it only makes sense that we would have a few hiccups in our energetic bodies.

Energetic healing facilitates repairing the body to its optimal level of balance so that it can heal itself. In the case of autism, subtle energies are smoothed and trauma that is impeding the harmonious flow of the cosmic vital force is released.

The complex neurological processes that are being altered within us are evident in the autistic child. Though they may have profound emotional and intellectual abilities they often find it difficult to express them in a world that is still functioning at a rather “muted” level of conscious awareness. By healing the subtle body, we free the soul to express as it was meant to be.

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