Things that influence your DNA expression

Things that influence your DNA expression

What if I told you that your DNA can be changed once it has been handed down from your parents and grandparents, that its expression could radically change so that you would become a different person. You would look different, think different, and even behave differently based on your epigenetic genome. In a process called methylation, your genes would turn off or on certain signals to make you happy or sad; fat or thin; sick or healthy. Let’s look at this phenomenon more closely.

Your DNA needs instructions on how to “act” in life. They get instructions from methyl groups made from carbon and hydrogen. In some cases, they will silence some genes, while giving others a metaphorical bull horn. We only have around 24,000 genes – around the same number as a tiny worm called C. elegans, or a mustard plant, but these methyl groups help our genes know if they should turn into an eyeball cell or a stomach cell.

Histones also help our genes express. This is like the spool that DNA winds itself around. Histones change how tight or lose the DNA binds to the spool, thus making it easier or harder for the genes to express. The looser the genes are wound, the better they can express themselves.

You can think of the methyl groups as a switch and the histones as a knob. One lets us listen to the music, the other lets us turn up the volume.

The character of a cell is defined by its constituent proteins, all of which are the result of specific patterns of gene expression. The methyl groups interact to trigger a chain of events, often involving changes in the structure of a chromatin, that leads to the assembly of an active transcription complex.

In plain English, this means that each cell in your body got instructions on how to express from a host of additional, non-genetic factors including:

  • Exposure to alternative medicine (herbs, reiki, vibrational medicine, etc.)
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle choices like choosing to smoke or abstain
  • Drug use or abuse
  • Alcoholism
  • Toxin exposure
  • Environmental factors such as financial security or lack thereof
  • Emotional support or abuse
  • The use of pharmaceutical drugs
  • Positive social interactions and a sense of community
  • Your gut microbiome
  • Seasonal influences

Things that influence your DNA expression.

This also means that though you are given a certain set of hardware – your genes, the epigenomic activity of those genes will change how they express. If your genes are methylated for stress and depression from previous family patterns these will be the instructions your genes are given, but you can CHANGE these instructions (held within the protein receptor) with your own choices.  

If you overstimulate genes for, say, obesity or a shorter life span, your kids can inherit these overactivated sequences, or you may have inherited them from your parents. That could mean a lifetime of battling unfavorable gene expression, unless you understand that you can change these genetic instructions yourself!

Simple things like infinite love and gratitude can change your subconscious mind, which then changes how your genes express. Dr. Darren Weismann states, “We don’t perceive truth. We perceive what we believe, and every belief is taught.” Our subconscious mind simply holds the beliefs we’ve been taught – it doesn’t make those beliefs true.

When we “unteach” ourselves the epigenetic instructions passed down to us, we can free our genetic code to express more joy, happiness, health, and vitality. By reprogramming the subconscious mind, you can reach your full genetic potential. Only 2-10% of the mind’s activity is conscious.

So, ask yourself – what genetic instructions have you given yourself in your subconscious mind that aren’t effective? Which instructions serve your highest good, and which don’t? If you could change those instructions to serve you better, what would you change? The possibilities are endless, and science is only now catching up to the truth of our ability to create with the blessing of a Divine Creator – to affect positive change and live a joyous, dynamic, meaningful life without disease or depression.

The essence of who you are is tied up in your genes, but you can free it by reprogramming your subconscious mind.


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