Vedic Vibrational Healing

Vedic Vibrational Healing

In the ancient Vedic texts, including the 108 Upanishads, the life force was described as the foundation of all things and therefore had the power to heal all things. Modern day Ayurvedic medicine is entrenched in these teachings, and we’ve only just begun to see its powerful abilities to heal; however, there is one healing modality in particular, which the Vedic texts teach. The practice of vibrational healing has been used for centuries, but is only now experiencing a resurgence as an amazingly effective way to cure many diseases.


Highly Complex Energetic Interactions

The Upanishads describe how prana or life force works. This concept is central to vibrational healing. It is believed that nothing is inert. All of life is in constant vibration. The essence of all things is vibration. We can look more closely at this vibratory quality of matter, and see that it is merely manifest energy vibrating, like little packets of energy, moving at a particular frequency.

Our cells, made up of atoms, then particles, then quarks, then smaller constituents still, are only vibrating energy. The human body – a compilation of vibrating cells – is constantly interacting with other energetic beings, its vibrating environment, and highly complex energetic emissions. You can visualize this as a vast bioenergetics network. When the energies, or vibrations interacting with the human body are supportive of health, then the cells within the body, including the DNA, will be healthy. When the energetic frequencies interacting within the human body are not supportive of health, then the frequency of vibration of the cells changes.

Though the electromagnetic field of the human body is very weak in most of us, it can measured. It has also recently been shown that complex biological processes within us are influenced by the ‘invisible’ electromagnetic spectrum.  Mainstream scientists have already started to research whether these electromagnetic vibrations can interfere with brain functioning, but there are much larger implications.


The Failure of the Human Genome Project to Describe Human Biology

When the Human Genome Project found only 23,688 genes within the human body, around 1,000 fewer than scientists originally proposed, researchers interested in how the body actually works had to scratch their heads. It was only when individuals like Rupert Sheldrake suggested that the quantum field, or morphogenetic field (vibrating energy) precedes and guides biological life that we started to understand what the Upanishads were saying thousands of years ago.


A Vedic Alternative

From a Vedic perspective, human bodies are made up of interconnected fields of energy (light, sound, heat, electricity, magnetism etc.). When a human body is not well, it is the result of one or more of these fields of energy being unbalanced. Simply by re-balancing these multidimensional energies a person’s good health can be established.

For example, Yogananda Paramahansa, the master who once taught the Beatles how to practice yoga taught that every gram of flesh has within it the energy to light the city of Chicago for two days. You can feel the heat and vitality in the flesh generated by that energy, but you cannot conceive of the tremendous energy within the atoms which make up the flesh. He also said that everything is the vibration of a Universal consciousness condensed into electromagnetic images.

Moreover, the energy body/subtle body, called the Sukshma Sharira in Sanskrit, is an energetic matrix which underlies the more gross physical body. When it is affected vibrationally, the physical body simply follows along. This is why it is also called the “causal body.” Whatever happens to the energetic body causes the health or sickness of the physical form.


Healing from the Causal/Energetic Plane

The question then becomes, how do we affect the causal body, or shift the vibrational energy which interacts with the energy body?

There are many forms of vibrational medicine.  

Sound healing, using mantras, or highly vibrating music is one of them. Qi gong, yogic pranayama, Thai chi, acupuncture, therapeutic touch, flower essences, the Rife microscope (beam ray machine), light-therapy (Kirlian), and other life-force altering therapies are included. Dr. Richard Gerber, MD outlined exactly how these healing modalities work to heal us from a vibrational, energetic standpoint.

To truly explore Vedantic vibrational healing you could spend lifetimes delving into these and other subjects, but choosing one to practice will alter your vibrational body, and the physical form will be affected profoundly. Your health and healing is all about balancing your energy.

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