What Does “Metaphysical” Really Mean?

What Does “Metaphysical” Really Mean?

In many New Age and spiritual circles, the word metaphysical is tossed around, such that it has begun to lose its true meaning. Though the term, coming from the Greek: meta ta physika (after the nature of things) describes metaphysicality to some degree, philosophical doctrines often muddy the waters.

This is because broad concepts are not often defined, and the word itself is used to suit many alterior motives. Metaphysics is actually the study of the world beyond the physical – the Creator’s world.

The metaphysical poets described this word in many ways. The philosopher Plotinus held that any reason and rationality in the human brain was only a reflection of a more universal and perfect reality beyond our limited human reason. He termed this ordering power in the universe “God.”

You can call “it” whatever you like – the Great Organizing Principle, Sat Chit Ananda (or Sacchidānanda representing attempt at describing a subjective experience of the ultimate, unchanging reality in Hinduism called Brahman. You can also call this presence that created all the Universe, Ultimate Consciousness.

The Hopi centered their creation stories around Tawa, the sun God, and Australian Aboriginals call the creative spirit, Baiame. The list of names for God in different cultures is almost endless, but the metaphysical reality stays the same.

Many people (scientists among them) will try to prove that God is a creation of man and not the other way around, but as we have seen in the latest theories of physics, there is always a higher organizing principle. No matter how small the bits of matter, such as in the experiments with quarks and now, singularities at the center of black holes – but always there is something even smaller (or larger depending upon how you look at it) – even more mysterious that creates the world as we understand it and experience it through our limited five senses.

Metaphysics is considered speculative science because it uses hypothesis to describe reality that are beyond measurement with our limited consciousness and scientific tools.

We can’t see the air we breathe until it is frozen or we look at it under a microscope, but it keeps us alive just the same. We can’t see millions of colors outside the human spectrum of sight, nor hear decibels outside of our limited hearing range, but whole worlds exist that we can’t quit imagine.

Meta-physics is the science of understanding what God — the Great Organizing Principle, or the Universal Intelligence — created.

By understanding the basic cause and nature of all things – all of which was created by the Universal Intelligence – we can begin to understand great Truths about our own personal lives and our purpose on this planet.

You can see this Intelligence everywhere you look. It is in string-theory. It is in the fractal, holographic nature which we see in plants and flowers as the Divine Ratio. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist says that the universe was created through design, and not random chaos and that we could be living in a type of “matrix”.

This may not answer all our deepest questions, but it gives us a premise upon which to begin. God is not an anthropomorphic being that answers all our prayers, but God is a being of harmony, order, simplicity and elegance.

When we live with these principles in mind – those that reflect Greater Intelligence – simplicity, beauty, harmony – our lives take on more divine qualities. We become creators of our own destiny.

Even Einstein had a metaphysical view of reality. He held a deistic concept of God. He stood in awe at the beauty and complexity of the cosmos, but could not bring himself to accept the idea of a God who meddles in human history – nonetheless, he understood that there was an organizing principle much bigger than any of us can conceive of.

While he refused the bible-version of God and called this concept primitive and childish, he understood that there is something larger than us all, which “created” reality.

Infinite intelligence (God) carries out the creative process in the universe and its sole purpose is “expansion”. When we live according to the principles of this Intelligence, we feel expansive. When we go against them, we often suffer.

We can use meditation, visualization, positive thinking, self-hypnosis, and other tools to tap into this ever-present force, and understand more fully the physics of meta – the self-referential work and purpose of our lives. Now, we can use the tool of reprogramming to balance the elements to perfection and reach that state of harmony, and to eliminate all that is causing any imbalance and as a result suffering.


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