The Soul Reprogramming Method is a vibrational energy healing therapy that allows you to identify and restructure energetic imbalances in all of your systems, physical and non-physical, that are the cause of conflicting behaviors, relationships, negative thinking and the attracting force for specific life programs that match those imbalances.

An “imbalance”, energetically speaking, is all that which blocks you from being your true self or original persona. All the false identities and their patterns that are crystallized in your mind, body, and perception are an imbalance.

This healing is based on the premise that anything material (as we perceive it) was originated from a non physical form.

Our body and cells, don’t know the distinction between a physical experience and an energetic one. When we think of sucking on a lemon, the same effect is produced in the body as if we were doing it in the physical level.

In the same way, the body and cells respond to healing when applied at an energetic level.

Coming to this realization; gives to us the opportunity of finding the perfect balance of the elements that compose our systems, which cannot be done by direct manipulation of the physical form.

With reprogramming, the approach is different. We are able to reset our perception, cells and memory in the entire body, brain and soul applying this remote energetic healing method.

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By bringing awareness to the conscious aspect of patterns and energetic imbalances, we can heal them at their level of origin, reestablishing them to perfect order through energetic healing.

This awareness can reestablish balance not only in our psychological and mental aspects, but also in our body and brain.

The consciousness that creates our thoughts is the same that creates our body and all of our other aspects. Therefore, healing one aspect can affect everything else.

In the energy healing version of the process of reprogramming, the practitioner can become aware of these conscious and subconscious patterns and activate the healing with this awareness, just as effectively as if the client would also have. 

Energy healing has that capacity of allowing us to connect to an aspect of consciousness regardless if that aspect is part of my systems or of someone else. There are no physical boundaries when we work with energy healing.

A full reprogramming could take between 10 to 12 days depending on the complexity of the healing and includes the energetic balancing and application of the most comprehensive process of reprogramming of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of self.

The full reprogramming also includes full access our signature class Reprogramming Mastery.

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