A 3-Step Formula for Life Mastery

A 3-Step Formula for Life Mastery

If we could break life down into simple steps, that when mastered, would make our time in “earth school” easier to stomach, they could be summarized in three actions we must take.


It is difficult to explain these as “steps” in a linear fashion as Divine Intelligence will sometimes require us to put one before the other. We will experience, without doubt, however, the need to master these skills.




Each of these steps is of paramount importance, but perhaps we could not endeavor to do anything in life without acceptance of what already is. Many of us spend countless hours – even our whole lives – imagining or wishing that things were different than they are.


Without acceptance, we stay in the place of victimhood. It may seem paradoxical that we must accept what is before we have any power to change it, but by ignoring our current reality, we also get to ignore our mental habits and habitual actions which allowed our current reality to exist.


When we are brave enough to see that we aren’t prosperous, we aren’t loved, our that our worst fears of being alone, or living a superficial life, are indeed a reality, we have made a monumental spiritual shift. This level of acceptance allows us to start dismantling our current perceptions – the belief system that upholds disease in our bodies, sadness and depression in our minds, and all sorts of spiritual angst.




Once we have accepted all that is – AS it is, we can then practice the spiritual skill of intention. This step comes with a caveat, though.

There’s a saying, “if you want to make God laugh, tell her/him your plans.”


Intention is not to be mistaken with imposing your will upon Divine Will – you can guess which one always wins. However, intention signals your Higher Self to align with Divine Intelligence so that you can more easily align with Divine Intelligence’s plans for you.


From this place of guided intention, you can put yourself into the position you would like to be in your mind’s eye, to make this a physical reality. This translates to how you want to live your life in every aspect – from your relationships, to your finances, your life’s path, and eventually your spiritual goals.


If you simply have the intent to achieve something, then you are aligning with the energy which will allow the unfolding of the intended.




Almost every form of illness and disharmony can be thought of as an inability to forgive – a person, a belief you have attached yourself to, a circumstance, or even yourself. Many forms of energy medicine work by simply encouraging forgiveness, which then frees up the cellular structure to rearrange itself in a more loving way.


Here’s why:


In Aramaic (the language that Jesus likely spoke) the word forgiveness simply means to “untie.” It doesn’t mean to perceive that someone else has harmed or betrayed us, and then holier-than-thou, accept that transgression because we are so “Godly.”


True forgiveness “unties” us from the belief that anyone could ever do us wrong to begin with.


This is a hard concept for us to understand from the tribal, human experience (often perceived through the lower three chakras) of justice. Forgiveness is a vast, un-traversable land for those of us who crave this justice. It’s when Hammurabi’s code – an eye for eye – is still practiced today. The desire for justice, however, comes from anger. This emotion can get stuck in our bodies and cause all sorts of health conditions.


The problem is that in the vast universal energies of the world, karmic action doesn’t always take the form of “human justice,” it only takes the form of Divine Justice. However, forgiveness allows us to untie ourselves from the emotions which keep anger and sadness in place, and to TRUST that everyone is always getting the “lesson,” not the “punishment” that they deserve. And that can make it easier to forgive even ourselves.


In Closing


With acceptance, intention, and forgiveness, we free our energies to align with Divine Intelligence, and heal at the deepest level. All becomes possible. These aren’t easy practices, but they are simple. Divine wisdom always is.

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