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Online Class: Level 1- Soul Restructuring

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What You Will Find

Elevated consciousness changes your perspective on life, allowing you to release the false belief of all that is not the true self – disease, pain, suffering and fear.

The first book of the Elevation of Consciousness series, Soul Restructuring, contains the theory and technique on how to recognize your own presence and your connectedness to everything else, experiencing oneness, through the state of awareness. Making emphasis on how to clear the soul from any blockages, emotions or other filters that may affect that experience of recognizing the true self.

Some of the exercises that you will practice are:

  • Identifying the source of emotions
  • Tapping
  • Removing blockages to experience the true self
  • Resetting and increasing the frequency of the electromagnetic field
  • Releasing stagnated elements of the emotional body
  • Resetting the mental body
  • Recognizing your life purpose

And more. A total of 19 guided exercises and visualizations.



Balancing the elements of the body and soul helps remove any negative programming; and releases the associated memories and behaviors.

A perfectly balanced body, mind, cellular system and programs promote healing and better performance of the body and brain.

Once the negative programming is removed from the soul records, positive qualities are implanted

Reprogramming is for every day use, just like the rest of our courses are for application in daily life. We are in constant development and so are our programs.

Disease and Illness are false beliefs that lead to imbalance of the elements

The material body is a conglomerate of non physical elements that give us the illusion of density, they are affected by your thoughts, ideas and accumulated beliefs that form your perception of reality. By releasing these false beliefs you can allow the elements to work properly in their most optimal environment and conditions.

Illness results of the imbalance of the elements in our systems. You can heal yourself by reprogramming your thought patterns, behavior, releasing emotions, blockages and false beliefs.

Negative programming is also the result of imbalance of the elements. Once we heal root of the negative perception of reality, they start working harmoniously and without effort.

We can improve our health proactively activating our own state of awareness, holographic DNA and elevation of consciousness

Letting go of conditioning beliefs, traumatic experiences and limiting thoughts allows you see your true nature, the true self that is not affected by any temporary circumstances or false beliefs. Once you recognize this true self, you release the identification with all that is not you, including pain, disease and suffering.

Connect with the Source

Trapped emotions, conditioning ideas and thoughts block inspiration, creativity and motivation. Once you release these in awareness of the true self, you can connect more clearly and effortlessly to the source of ideas, the Universal Mind.

Work smarter not harder by removing blockages and activating your intuition and creativity.

Creativity, inspiration and many other qualities and attributes are in you, as part of your true essence, the true self. However, they can't be perceived until you remove the layers of interference between your perception and the true self.

When you activate awareness of the true self, you can identify more clearly the programs that you have chosen to live your life purpose, and put every cell in your system to work for it. Life starts again.

By Changing Your Perception, Everything Changes.

What if we could change the way we see the world? Would that change the world?

All is the mind.

The entire material world is a perception of the mind. This means that we can change the world by changing our perception.

This perception of the mind can work against us, making us sick by carrying negative thoughts and emotions. But it can also heal, if we remove such conditioning ideas and allow awareness of who we really are, immaterial, immortal, eternal beings.

Reprogramming, the elements that form thoughts and emotions can achieve the overall balance of the mind and soul.

Our programs are intended to help you restructure and reprogram your systems to their optimal performance. Restructuring the soul can also trigger the activation of the DNA coding that carries important information for human systems to find their own way to health.


I never had a clue of why I was here, I thought I had to continue the legacy of my parents, working on the same thing, or being a better version of them. I had no identity of my own, or I had one but it was not really who I am. It became obvious when I couldn't continue working in the family business, I simply hated every second of it. Now I understand that we are not that, and I can express myself in the ways that better put me in touch with my real self. That feels life real life now.


Los Angeles, CA

This is the first time that I am so aware of myself, understanding why I do certain things, where my behavior comes from to finally let it go. I chose freedom of my beliefs. I feel like a new person. Thank you so very much!!


Rio, Brazil

"I had suffered from insomnia for more than 15 years, my old mindset would not allow me to think that there was a solution that was not just medication. After reprogramming, I felt open to go to a sleep clinic and find out if there were alternative ways to heal. Doctors said it was emotional. Surely enough after a month of reprogramming when I had been in this new state of being long enough, i decided to give try to sleep without taking any medication. The first week was rough, but now I am completely free and I can sleep, all the emotional imbalances were cleared. I am so thankful".


Lima, Peru

“I found the SRM as I was looking for an alternative to medication for my anxiety & depression after my relationship ended. I cannot begin to express enough gratitude for how much better I’m feeling! I no longer wake up in a state of panic and I have this feeling of well being all day long. My energy is higher, Ive been able to go to the gym again and feel generally more optimistic and positive. One of the most unexpected things is I’m finding myself highly adaptable now. I had something come up in my business this week and a similar situation happened 6 months ago that was quite upsetting and took me hours to recover from. This time I’d say it bothered me for all of 3 seconds and I was able to move right on. A huge blessing that everyone could benefit from!”


Chicago, Il


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