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See our workshop schedule in various locations. These are awesome one-to-three day meetings where we combine various group healing methods, learning, guided meditations and self-help tools for continued work.

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There are no excuses in taking responsibility for your life. We have webinars, online classes, and personalized coaching to help you heal at the most convenient times.

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Celebrate life! Experience our retreats in some of the most beautiful destinations all over the globe. These amazing experiences will leave you balanced and energized. You will want to do it again! Our international retreats include accommodations, local transportation and meals.

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Find out what seminars are upcoming near you. This is a great way to learn and discuss the newest healing methods and bring awareness to various matters concerning health, community involvement and balanced lifestyle.

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Next class: July 20th-26th, 2017. Miami Beach, Florida (SRM 3 levels)



Balancing the elements with SRM helps remove any negative programming; and releases the associated memories and behaviors.

A perfectly balanced body, mind, cellular system and programs represents good health, motivation, energy, things going in the right direction.

Once the negative programming is removed from our soul records, positive qualities are implanted

Reprogramming is a tool for every day use. We are in constant development and so are our programs

Disease and Illness appear in environments of imbalanced elements

The material body is a dense conglomerate of non physical elements. By treating the body directly we will not have the same permanent results, as when we apply metaphysics healing addressing the source of all things.

Illness could be the result of imbalance of the elements in our systems. This can be easily identified and treated with SRM.

Negative programming is also the result of imbalance of the elements. Once we heal the programs, they start working harmoniously and without effort.

We can improve our health proactively by implanting vibrational healing programs

Letting go of conditioning beliefs, traumatic experiences and limiting thoughts produces an immediate reflection on the physical body

Connect with the Source

Healing emotional blocks and traumas by balancing the elements to perfection; activates inspiration, creativity and motivation. This is a must for all, especially the ones in the creative trade.

Work smarter not harder by removing blockages and activating your intuition and creativity.

Creativity, inspiration and many other qualities and attributes can be implanted directly in the soul imprint with reprogramming.

When we learn our main program (life purpose) with reprogramming, and we put every cell in our system to work for that purpose; life starts again.

Changing Your Perception, Everything Changes.

What if we could change the way we see the world? Would that change the world?

All is the mind.

The entire material world is a perception of the mind. This means that we can change the world by changing our perception.

This perception of the mind can work against us, making us sick by carrying negative thoughts and emotions. But it can also heal, if we remove such thoughts and proactively change them for positive and loving thoughts and emotions.

With reprogramming, we can balance the elements that form our thoughts and emotions to keep them free of negative aspects. It is our duty to also limit or eliminate from our diets the ingestion of agents that alter the balance or the elements, such as animal products, alcohol, caffeine and sugars.

Many people can benefit from our programs. We take a proactive approach: educating and bringing our workshops, therapies and seminars to institutions that offer counseling, rehabilitation, and care for individuals going through various kinds of distress.
Our healing methods are non- invasive, non manipulative, metaphysics techniques that can be applied in a wide range of situations.


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