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Featured Healing Technique: Reprogramming (SRM)

Reprogramming is the process changing our patterns of belief by releasing the false identities that define us.

These false identities define us in terms of limitations, blockages, fear, and pain, preventing us from experiencing the true self, which contains our original programming where we can find balance, health, expansion, and conscious awareness.

Reprogramming helps us connect to our true identity, and only then we can truly perceive ourselves, our purpose and meaning, and live a fulfilling life.

How it works?

The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness

Soul restructuring

In the series of books of The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness, Johanna Bassols, teacher and founder of Healers of the Light, offers a clear path to reach elevated consciousness, starting with the process of soul restructuring, in which you will learn how to free yourself from all limiting beliefs, ideas, and energetic blockages that interfere with your self-awareness and your perception of life and purpose.


Alternative Healing Academy

At Healers of the Light, we have three foundational classes: “Soul Restructuring,” “Cellular Activation,” and “Elevation of Consciousness.” These are all part of the series The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness, which is our spiritual initiation manual.

These courses outline all of the fundamental theory and practice needed to activate your connection with higher consciousness and your purpose, while releasing blockages, emotions, energy imbalances, and other negative elements from the soul and body.

Other classes are available to help you deepen your understanding of subjects that will help you at any point of your journey and can be taken in any order.

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Learn about DNA activation, awareness, elevation of consciousness, nutrition and much more.


Are you looking for a stronger connection? Join us at a live event.


You, or someone you know, needs a full reset? Try our signature healing method, The Soul Reprogramming Method.


I never had a clue of why I was here, I thought I had to continue the legacy of my parents, working on the same thing, or being a better version of them. I had no identity of my own, or I had one but it was not really who I am. It became obvious when I couldn't continue working in the family business, I simply hated every second of it. Now I understand that we are not that, and I can express myself in the ways that better put me in touch with my real self. That feels life real life now.


Los Angeles, CA

This is the first time that I am so aware of myself, understanding why I do certain things, where my behavior comes from to finally let it go. I chose freedom of my beliefs. I feel like a new person. Thank you so very much!!


Rio, Brazil
2400mm full moon, isolated

"I had suffered from insomnia for more than 15 years, my old mindset would not allow me to think that there was a solution that was not just medication. After reprogramming, I felt open to go to a sleep clinic and find out if there were alternative ways to heal. Doctors said it was emotional. Surely enough after a month of reprogramming when I had been in this new state of being long enough, i decided to give try to sleep without taking any medication. The first week was rough, but now I am completely free and I can sleep, all the emotional imbalances were cleared. I am so thankful".


Lima, Peru
dream catcher sm

“I found the SRM as I was looking for an alternative to medication for my anxiety & depression after my relationship ended. I cannot begin to express enough gratitude for how much better I’m feeling! I no longer wake up in a state of panic and I have this feeling of well being all day long. My energy is higher, Ive been able to go to the gym again and feel generally more optimistic and positive. One of the most unexpected things is I’m finding myself highly adaptable now. I had something come up in my business this week and a similar situation happened 6 months ago that was quite upsetting and took me hours to recover from. This time I’d say it bothered me for all of 3 seconds and I was able to move right on. A huge blessing that everyone could benefit from!”


Chicago, Il
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