Are your subconscious patterns limiting your experiences?
``Design yourself and your experiences will follow``
-Johanna Bassols
Subconscious Reprogramming

Subconscious Reprogramming is a process which can help you restructure the subconscious patterns that affect your behavior, thought, and perception.

This personal development class will help you understand how your patterns are formed, allowing you to choose more permissive ways of handling life.

Changing your patterns from limiting to permissive ones creates an overall environment in your brain and body that serves as a director for all your new thoughts, ideas, actions, and even for physical functions!

This class includes 5 video modules, 19 lessons, and a personal session with Johanna Bassols.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to develop an effective inner communication
  • Breathwork techniques
  • Meditation techniques to reach the state of awareness from where you can reprogram or create a new perception
  • How to use an innovative tool created by Johanna Bassols, the perception chart, to visually find the origin of your patterns.
  • How to use muscle testing to heal and answer questions that are stored in your physical body as patterns or crystallizations
  • How to develop any mindset that you like
  • How to change a negative behavior
  • How to boost your creativity, qualities, and even your physical processes
Subconscious Reprogramming
Class Modules
Developing Internal Communication

P1. Goals of reprogramming

P2. Creating a new perception of yourself

P3. Breathing and meditation techniques

P4. Closing and transcending life chapters

P5. Foods to develop inner communication and foods to avoid

Reprogramming Initiation

P6. Initiation into Reprogramming (LIVE- Various scheduling options available)

P7. Detaching from limiting identities and roles

Physical Patterns

P8. Communicating with your physical body

P9. Activating your energy centers

P10. Keys to release old patterns

P11. Keys to create new patterns

P12. Methods to release patterns triggered by images and memories

Perception Blockages

P13. Permissions vs. limitations, how our perception is created

P14. Removing blockages of perception, thought, and behavior

P15. Reprogramming our perception time, space, and origin

P16. The perception of oneness

Reprogramming Breathing

P17. Implanting patterns in the body through neurotransmitters

P18. Breathing technique to reach awareness through serotonin

P19. Breathing technique to reach awareness through adrenaline resistance

P20. Conclusion and graduation

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The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness


Johanna Bassols is a specialist in the semantics of consciousness. She approaches the understanding of consciousness in an integral and practical way.

Johanna is the founder of the Healers of the Light, healing community and academy. She created a unique healing method for reprogramming energetic imbalances, called the Soul Reprogramming Method, she is the author of the series of books, The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness and of How to Break Your Identification with Emotional Trauma in 10 Days.

And now she brings to you her newest methods, Reprogramming Mastery and Reprogramming Breathing.

-Learn about my journey of self discovery-


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When we heal together, we create a critical mass effect; we resonate together and as we elevate our consciousness, we also elevate the consciousness of our immediate circle, our environment, and of all those who are in our presence.

We have the ability to change our communities, our countries, and the entire planet with something as simple, but yet as powerful as breathing and meditation.

Join the movement, be part of the energy that elevates the consciousness of the world. Start with yourself by becoming your message, your purpose, and your mission in body and mind.

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