Find Your Calm

Find your calm

Beautiful, inspirational, and practical, Find Your Calm shows you how to recognize your negative patterns and behaviors and reprogram your thinking to live your best life. It is the perfect guide for those wishing to attain inner peace. When you find calm, you are in perfect harmony with yourself.
Each of the sixteen chapters in this life-changing book is devoted to an enlightening and practical lesson to help you create the habit of experiencing calm. Johanna Bassols, an expert on the elevation of consciousness, gently shows you how to use subconscious reprogramming to change your patterns and behaviors with this simple yet powerful four-step practice:

  1. Meditate to recognize the pattern or behavior you would like to change.
  2. Visualize yourself experiencing the new pattern or behavior.
  3. Implement an action plan to adopt the new pattern or behavior effectively.
  4. Internalize your intention to solidify your goal.

Find Your Calm encourages you on every step of your journey, and once you make calm a habit, its benefits will be applied effortlessly to your daily life, as you reach your highest self for a balanced, stress-free, and healthy you.


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the Essential Meditation Practices class which contains 5 modules:


Essential Meditation Practices

Module 1

Full body awareness and relaxation

Preparing the environment for meditation

Allowing your mind to relax

Module 2

Intentional meditation

Setting your intention in your whole body

Module 3

Activating the consciousness of your body and mind

Moving your consciousness throughout your body to heal

Naturally releasing pain and balancing the body 

Module 4

Moving your consciousness outside of your body

Expanding your mind

Using your senses

Module 5


Reaching the state of awareness


You will also get: my meditation music album, Natural Connection.
With 10 beautiful tracks to help you find calm by connecting with nature.

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