Are Autism and Williams Syndrome Defects in Human Genetics or Advances?

Are Autism and Williams Syndrome Defects in Human Genetics or Advances?

Most people have heard of autism by now, with the incidence rising astronomically in the past decade. Those with autism usually display an inability to connect to other human beings emotionally, while being intellectually disabled in some ways, in others intellectually advanced. Some social anthropologists suggest that autism has been created in a world that overvalues social interaction while sacrificing intellectual acumen.

With Williams syndrome, the exact opposite seems to happen. These individuals “love too much,” offering a hug to complete strangers and unmitigated glee to friends, family and foes alike. One mother describing her child with Williams says, “you have to get used to your child loving the postman as much as he loves you.” Those with Williams are missing a set of genes which causes their brains to secrete oxytocin 24-7. Oxytocin is the same neurochemical which helps babies bond with their mothers when they are breastfeeding, and couples to bond when they have elevated oxytocin levels during sexual intimacy.

It seems odd that these two syndromes are mirror images of themselves, each seeming to battle the intellect and emotions of the human condition, striving to override one or the other, but is it possible that autism, even with its links to glyphosate, vaccines and immune-compromised individuals, and Williams, even with its lack of a certain genetic sequence- — are simply an epigenetic thrust toward higher human evolution.


The Evolution of Illuminated Intelligence


What if these genetic changes will somehow combine so that we are neither intellectually or emotionally impaired?

Many people have already suggested that autism is not a disability but a different set of abilities, and those with Williams clearly know how to love in ways that most of us are too afraid to try – risking social ostracism and being incredibly vulnerable without a care in the world. 

In fact, genetic variants linked to autism spectrum disorders (ASD) may have been POSITIVELY SELECTED during human evolution because they also contribute to enhanced cognitive abilities, suggests a recent Yale University study.

Though Williams syndrome is far less common than autism, it does seem to indicate a human upgrade. When coupled with other phenomenal genetic variances such as a woman who can see 100 million more colors than the average person, or others who have synesthesia – the ability to hear color, or taste light, it looks as though we’re changing for the better on purpose – not accidentally.

We can also see phenomenon similar to this in the animal world. Scientists have now linked a specific gene set to the joyful glee your dog displays when they great you, which matches very closely, the ability of  Williams’ individuals to “love too much.”

Bonobos, one of the closest living primates to human beings, regularly share their food, caress and fondle one another, and act in gregariously affectionate ways to support their societies.

Even social biologists have discovered that altruism, compassion, gratitude, and love help human beings thrive in the crazy modern world we all face.

If greater intellect, as is displayed by many with autism was coupled with a greater ability to love in the human genetic structure, what marvels would we observe in society? One would expect nothing more than an utter transformation – and that is the very thing that the ancients have been forecasting for centuries – an upgrade to the human genetic sequence. Better DNA.


Upgraded DNA


Before we relegate certain genetic changes in the human popular to conditions or assign them negative outcomes, we might stop and observe more closely. Though nature has a way of making changes in a messy way from our microscopic viewpoint, her intelligence is profound. We’re likely witnessing the upgrade of human DNA first hand in the ones we love, and as we evolve even more, these variances will only become more common, producing a more enlightened individual capable of things we now consider miraculous. With the application of the healing methods, such as the Soul Reprogramming Method, we can limit the astrological influences and emotional sensibility of those with autism; and implant qualities that could help their social interaction. This is an amazing opportunity for those who suffer from this syndrome, and their families. Even though medical diagnosis could help identify it, it is not necessary for the successful application of reprogramming. The tool can easily identify if the subject presents this condition and what are the elements needed to balance them to the perfect order.

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