Are DNA Changes Limitless?

Are DNA Changes Limitless?

Only about 80 genes of our total 20 – 25,000 total genes mapped by the Human Genome Project (HGP) are thought to be imprintable with new epigenetic information, though this number is heavily disputed. Though the HGP was the largest collaborative biological science project, taking more than 15 years to complete, with an expectation that hundreds of thousands of human genes would be mapped, researchers found far fewer genes than they expected. Oddly, researchers now believe that very few of these genes respond to environmental or epigenetic changes.  Can we make infinite changes to every single gene, or are there limitations? Have researchers assumed constraints in the design of Creation yet again?

Modern science has only recently begun its foray into epigenetics. For almost all modern allopathic medicine’s history, it was believed that the genome itself had to be changed to affect change in a person’s health or well-being – that the DNA, comprised of a sequence of amino acids, and passed down, either perfect or flawed from our parents and grandparents determined our health and thousands of other traits.

Mutations that happen in every single cell of the body – called germline mutations – were thought to be immutable based on the parent’s egg or sperm cells.

Moreover, science has had the audacity to believe that all mutations that it recognized were to be “corrected.” Largely ignoring that some of these mutations might actually be part of a grander design of spiritual and physical evolution intended for the human/spiritual being.

We also know that repetitive gene cloning due to genetic engineering has led to the corruption of the spiritually evolving genes of humanity. For example, it is largely recognized now that the highly intuitive and insightful child, sometimes called an Indigo child, is recognized as having ADHD or other behavioral disorders by mainstream science, when it has now been proven that this was a manufactured psychological disease, created to boost the sales of Big Pharma’s SSRI drugs.

If we were to relegate the care of our genes to this same medical philosophy, we would likely gene splice our higher intuition and spiritual sensitivities like clairvoyance, and a highly developed connection to High Intelligence right out of existence. Some say this has already been attempted by gene engineers.

In fact, there have been numerous highly secretive programs within multiple governments to access and control human consciousness – either through tapping into their brainwaves (which we know affect our DNA, now) as well as directly into their genes.

Furthermore, many military-industrial projects were designed specifically to alter the human genome by altering our level of consciousness: chemtrails, vaccines, environmental pollutants, and the widespread use of GMOs notwithstanding.

The removal of one set of genes and replacing them with another offers a limited understanding of genetic engineering. And so, even as we become excited about the possibilities being exposed with epigenetics (where the genes themselves are not altered, only their messaging systems are) we must vigilantly understand that our ability to alter our own DNA will continue to be downplayed.

For instance – telling us that only 80 of our 20-25,000 genes can be imprinted via epigenetic influences. This is pure bunk!

Are we to believe that government’s own expensive and myriad programs aimed at changing our DNA would do so little to alter our genome? Or that Higher Intelligence, which operates holographically in every single cell to fractally contain the entire human form would somehow limit itself to affect only 80 of our genes?

Furthermore, are we to believe that the 2-strand DNA we have been taught to believe in, isn’t more extensive? There is growing evidence that our DNA contains intelligence in subtler forms, well beyond a mere two-strands of encoded hereditary messaging.

Even the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) acknowledges that DNA may communicate via biophotons (light) so might we not be made of something even more subtle than several amino acid chains? If we assume as much, then we would be able to change our form, and thus an expression of either disease or health, with many different methods, and more extensively than modern science has knowledge of.

If our molecular machinery is constantly emitting and absorbing photons, visible as ultraviolet waves of light, and distinct from bioluminescence, then might the “ether” as visionaries once called Higher Intelligence be directing our spiritual and biophysical evolution?

Scientists admit they don’t even know how cells produce biophotonic light. Might not modern medicine then, also be ignorant of how this light informs and changes our DNA?

To recap, we’ve gone from the grossly misguided scientific assumption that the human genome is comprised of hundreds of thousands of genes, to an assumption that genes themselves have to be cut out, spliced, or altered in order to eradicate disease in the human form.

Modern science has also assumed that only a small number of our genes can be affected by epigenetic changes, which can include everything from reducing stress, to improving what we eat, and much more. Science also assumes it understands how the human form is evolving, and is quick to ascribe disease or non-useful mutation where there is none. Some ‘mutations” might in fact be our cells communicating with the highest level of Intelligence streaming in from the Universe via biophotonic light.

In brief, we are only beginning to peel back the very first layers of the onion of Creation. As long as we falsely believe that there are limitations on Infinite Intelligence, we will be stuck in a consciousness-prison. As this is the aim of forces which are not supportive of our ascension, we must break free. Our DNA mutates, and changes in accordance with our own consciousness developmentThis is the only limitation.

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