Could DNA Reprogramming Outperform Biotech’s Proposed Gene Therapies?

Could DNA Reprogramming Outperform Biotech’s Proposed Gene Therapies?

The US FDA just gave a green light to gene therapy for “inherited” retinal disease, and patients with “defective” genes that cause a plethora of additional diseases are expected to be treated with pharmaceutical gene therapies in the very near future. What can we do to heal our own bodies in the era of the genome, when science aggressively pushes forward, aims to correct “faulty” genes. Can DNA reprogramming – self-taught, and applied in the comfort of our own homes – compete with all the medical advancements being touted in biotechnology?

According to reductionist science, gene mutations happen when we get the wrong message from our inherited genes. In other words, if your grandparents or parents had genes that cause heart disease, farsightedness, or even depression, you are destined to have the same diseases.

First, let’s define the reductionist approach and compare it to a more holistic one. In modern biological science, epitomized by molecular biology and gene alteration with gene splicing, it is assumed that the cell is either healthy or diseased/mutated from birth. Aside from certain caveats, biologists will tell you that your genes cannot be changed, expect with their help. If you stop smoking, or eat better and exercise, you can perhaps improve the health of your genes, but by and large, it is assumed that the genes you get – well, that’s just what you are stuck with.

Systems biology starts to look at the cell in a more accurate way – seeing it as an instrument in a vast symphony of trillions of interconnected violins, cellos, drums, horns, etc. that must play in harmony to create good health in your body. Still it relies on computational and mathematical modeling of complex biological systems in order to understand them, still reducing the body to a machine of working or non-working parts.

Epigenetics, however, takes this limited understanding of our DNA and the development of our genome, and puts them into the quantum field. You could also call this the Infinite Intelligence that allows life to exist. This quantum field contains not only the raw matter – cells, and their proteins, for example – but also the etheric and holographic elements of our genome into consideration. Epigenetic biology understands that our “mutated” cells just need a new set of instructions. When we change these instructions, cells read our genes more accurately. We don’t need to change the genes themselves, per se, but just offer better information.

The way our DNA is altered on a physical level is primarily through DNA-methylation, but from a quantum level, an even more subtle set of instructions is given to our cells, in order for them to structure themselves at the highest level. We’ve discussed in previous articles how unwanted family traits can be over-written or re-written so that genes no longer express disease. Our DNA, just like the grosser physical body is made up of subtle layers that become more and more fine. As positive changes in our etheric body trickle down into the physical body, we experience greater health, aliveness, happiness and joy.

Have you ever wondered why the Human Genome Project only uncovered DNA which encodes for approximately 30,000 genes, especially when humans currently use less than 5% of their DNA? This is because our DNA is pre-programmed to evolve to a much higher level. We are meant to use more of our DNA, available on subtler levels, to recode our bodies – eventually to attain what is called the Rainbow Body in Tibetan Buddhism, but which has names in every culture around the world. From Africa, to ancient Aboriginal Australia to China to India, there are references to “ascended” DNA, which often is described as a taking the form of a light body or glistening etheric vessel.

As the FDA and other institutions allow biotech companies to further tinker with our genes, they are inadvertently interrupting, in some cases, the natural progression of our ascending/reorganizing DNA. When we align with Infinite Intelligence, we not only keep the genes that we need intact, we also allow the highest level of organization to take place, which does not preclude health and happiness, but also ushers us into an eventual state of bliss.

DNA Reprogramming allows us to help remind our cells of what they were destined to evolve into, without short-circuiting that process. We can start to dissolve the core aspects of our erroneous beliefs (ego) that keep our cells from changing into a more light-filled organism.

Already, our cells use biophotons to communicate, which facilitates energy/information transfer that is several orders of magnitude faster than any chemical diffusion. According to a 2010 study, “Cell to cell communication by biophotons have been demonstrated in plants, bacteria, animal neutriophil granulocytes and kidney cells.”

At the molecular level of our genome, DNA can be identified as a source of biophoton emissions (ultra low-frequency light which is not usually visible to the naked eye) as well.

This is a fact that biotech does not take into consideration. These biophotons, which can be thought of as elementary particles of quantum light, carry the instructions for our highest development.

When we reprogram our own DNA, with the Highest Intelligence at the helm, rather than reductionist science, we can not only regain our physical health, but our spiritual destiny becomes glowingly apparent.


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