Evidence of Individuals with Upgraded DNA

Evidence of Individuals with Upgraded DNA

Some say that 12-strand DNA seers disappeared ages ago, while others attest that they still walk among us, only hidden from most people’s view. It is suggested that the repetition of mantras such as the Sri mantra, or focus on the Sri yantra can help to activate the original 12-strands which humankind was meant to embody. But nowadays, we have a more efficient tool to accomplish a full DNA activation and reset: The Soul Reprogramming Method

Evidence of humans with “upgraded” DNA can be found in historical accounts of yogis with extraordinary powers, called siddhis. Yogis where able to master the five elements of creation – water, fire, earth, wind, and ether, to become masters of clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy and uncompromised powers of intuition. The Soul Reprogramming Method uses also elements, not only of the earth: Fire, air, water and earth, but also elements of the stars, galaxies, other planets and of the mental spaces of God.

The Gherand Samhita states that, “Concentration of the prana … on the earth tattwa brings steadiness of mind; on water tattwa, destroys unbearable sufferings and sins; the fire tattwa eliminates the fear of death; the air tattwa gives the experience of flying in the air; and the akasha tattwa opens the doors to liberation.”

These siddhis were just a side-act of the evolution of consciousness, however, and much of the information on how to obtain these powers was hidden from lay people in fear that they could be burned by their power themselves, or that these powers would be misused.

Understandably, in this age of the Kali Yuga, or complete mental, spiritual, and emotional debauchery, the ability to activate certain aspects of our inherited DNA has had to be kept closely guarded, however, the Kali Yuga was not meant to last forever, and we are quickly moving into another time, as depicted in numerous ancient books and cultures.

We are entering a time where more commonly, people will awaken their own dormant 12-strand DNA, and experience jaw-dropping abilities.

Paramahansa Yogananda revealed in Autobiography of a Yogi, that Yogi Nagedranath Bhaduri had mastered breathing techniques that helped to ignite the 12-strand DNA, and allow him to perform certain miracles. He was called the levitating saint. This siddhis is called Akasa gamana siddhi and it gives someone literal super-human powers – the ability to float through the air, to fly. It requires a high state of mastery. Others were able to attain this skill, including the Tibetan Master, Milarepa.

“Lesser” siddhis, involving a lower level of mastery of consciousness and activation of our DNA include clairsentience, and clairaudience, and as many have experienced bouts of this skill, we can see that this particular “upgrade” is becoming much more common.

Historically, there are cases of Buddhist, Christian, Islamic, Jewish and Taoists saints and mystics who have attained the siddhis, and it it is well established among researchers that certain indigenous cultures and their shamans often exhibit such powers as well.

Patanjali, the ancient yogic sage and compiler of yogic wisdom who is well known among yogis for writing the Yoga Sutras, said that, “By non-attachment even to Psychic powers, the seeds of bondage are destroyed and independence gained.” He is peaking of attaining the illumed, non-egoic state of eternal-bliss-awareness. Again, these “upgrades” are not the final point. They are merely a by-product of our evolving consciousness, and attunement to a Godly vibration.

Swami Satchidananda’s view of the siddhis is as follows:

“This means that all these siddhis are beautiful, but they will bind us, because siddhis are the outcome of the mind.  The mind wants something.  It wants to achieve this or that.  What for?  To be proud of itself.  It develops ego.  It makes your “I” and “mine” bigger.  Selfish desires are still there.  If you are after siddhis like astral traveling, clairvoyance and clairaudience, I ask you why.  You may say, “Oh, I thought I could help people.”  I say that this is just an excuse.  You want to show you can do something.  You want to be proud of it.”

So, do you chase DNA activating because you want to be special, or are you willing to dissolve the egoic desires that keep you from fully developing all 12 strands of your DNA?

Work on being more conscious, less attached, and more truly spiritual to maintain your balance.

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