The Soul Reprogramming Method

Reprogramming Is the act of changing, repairing and updating your DNA, by balancing the elements that compose it.

How Does it Work?


The Soul Reprogramming Method is a vibrational energy healing therapy that allows you to identify and restructure energetic imbalances in all of your systems, physical and non-physical, that are the cause of conflicting behaviors, relationships, negative thinking and the attracting force for specific life programs that match those imbalances.

An “imbalance”, energetically speaking, is all that which blocks you from being your true self or original persona. All the false identities and their patterns that are crystallized in your mind, body, and perception are an imbalance.

This healing is based on the premise that anything material (as we perceive it) was originated from a non physical form.

Our body and cells, don’t know the distinction between a physical experience and an energetic one. When we think of sucking on a lemon, the same effect is produced in the body as if we were doing it in the physical level.

In the same way, the body and cells respond to healing when applied at an energetic level.

Coming to this realization; gives to us the opportunity of finding the perfect balance of the elements that compose our systems, which cannot be done by direct manipulation of the physical form.

With reprogramming, the approach is different. We are able to reset our perception, cells and memory in the entire body, brain and soul applying this remote energetic healing method.

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When your DNA is fully connected, the information that is encoded in it,  guides you in the path to health and higher consciousness, in a way that is specifically made for you.

How it works, content, theory:

Understanding that the elements that form everything are metaphysical in nature (simply not physical), we can heal them and balance them at their level of origin, reestablishing them to perfect order through energetic healing.

Every single thing that exists, is a conglomerate of elements from various  non-tangible origins, and grouped in perfect order

Some can create the perception of matter, while others are part of our nonphysical aspects, such as the soul, programs, consciousness, identity, and life circumstances.

There is a perfect number of elements, variable and static that compose every single thing. The integration of such elements also has a perfect and unique combination. This is the key for reprogramming.

With the aid of a pendulum and the charts of metaphysical elements presented by the author of SRM, we can bring every element in our system to perfect balance.

This includes the perfect combination of elements for the optimal functioning of our body, mind, and overall health—the perfect combination of elements for the successful development of our main program (life purpose) and other subprograms (parenthood, marriage, professional trade, etc.), and most importantly the activation of our original persona or awareness of our authentic self.

The method is applied to the individual without the need of contact or physical interaction.

It is not necessary for the individual to be present for the reprogramming to take place.

Once the reprogramming starts, the practitioner discovers, heals and balances topics such as these:

  • Main life purpose or main program
  • Patterns of perception, behavior, and thought
  • Psychosomatic root of health issues
  • Discordant energies caused in relationship with others, stored as elemental imbalances
  • Old and limiting beliefs, thoughts and ideologies
  • Blockages to spiritual development
  • Elevation of consciousness and perception
  • Activation of self healing programs
  • Release of identifications with emotional trauma
  • Recording qualities
  • Cellular restructuring
  • Body and brain restructuring (energetic patterns that affect the physical level)
  • And give healing commands to the cells in the body and brain

A full reprogramming could take between 10 to 12 days depending on the complexity of the healing.

Once the full reprogramming is completed, the practitioner and client meet again to go over the results. There might be more than one meeting during this process. This is all determined during the initial consultation.

What to expect?

Even if the participant does not have any apparent condition to be treated, he or she can enhance his/her physical and mental performance in a balanced energetic environment. Once the original persona is activated and the systems are restructured, and all that is a product of false identifications starts fading; new ideas, mental clarity and reasoning appears with less effort, motivation improves, as well as inspiration and other qualities which are inherent to the awareness of your authentic self.

Everyone experiences a different result. We need to keep in mind that the involvement in situations that alter consciousness such as excessive drinking and the use of certain drugs could create new imbalances.

It is recommended to do a periodic revision to maintain the harmony. It is easy to identify an imbalance of the elements as a change in mood or perception.

Is the Soul Reprogramming Method right for you?


The application of full reprogramming including the balancing of the energetic elements, could take the healer from 10 to 14 days to complete. Depending on the level of complexity.

The initial appointment is one hour long and it is done via video call. After that, the practitioner continues with the reprogramming without the individual needing to be present. 

During the reprogramming, the healer will clear any blockages to receive healing.

Once the reprogramming has been completed, the healer will provide the results of the reprogramming in a second one hour appointment.

Once the discordant energies have been cleared,  the treatment ends with a third one-hour follow up appointment.

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