Self Awareness Starter Guide

Self Awareness Starter Guide

The most difficult parts of any experience are the beginning and the end.

When you choose the path of awareness, it’s no different.

You are dealing with a new perception of yourself and of the world altogether; and that could be both fascinating and scary.

And at the same time, you are dealing with the ending of your past perception of self and of the world, and dealing with how that will affect what you do, the people you are with, and everything else that you have no choice but to leave behind.

Here are 6 things to consider that will help you along the way to remain focused on your path of elevation of consciousness:

1- Everything comes and goes:

Nothing is static in the universe. Attachment only causes suffering because we can’t prevent the impermanent nature of everything manifested, don’t be fooled by the perception of permanence.

Learn to observe with kindness, to experience without imposing, be conscious of all and all will be conscious of you. Dance with the elements of nature.

Enjoy the dance instead of thinking about how long will it last.

2- Patience is a superpower:

In a world of fast living, we have forgotten how to appreciate the sacred time of all things.

We don’t want to be rushed into things we don’t understand, nobody does, not even nature, or your best friend who got lost in his own head.

What you can’t control, is for you to observe only.

3- Change is natural:

Don’t be afraid of changes, they are necessary for evolution. There is no progress without changes.

In a few years, you will realize you have changed, and you will laugh at the old memories of you, and the things you used to think and do.

Welcome changes, and learn to recognize your authenticity to guide you through them. Use these changes as an opportunity to expand your true self and not to take you further from it.

4- Your notion of freedom changes:

Freedom will no longer be your ability of doing or getting what you want, but your ability of not wanting what you don’t have. You will naturally learn to trade need for self fulfillment.

Self fulfillment is a turning point that changes your perspective, showing you that need is an illusion of the impermanent world.

And only when you experience the absence of need, you will understand freedom. A necessary step to continue on the path of elevation of consciousness.

5- Awareness is a multidimensional portal:

Awareness is a state in which you are your truest self.

An effective state of awareness will allow you to disconnect your perception of time and space, and direct your attention inward.

Awareness is a state of self recognition, in which you can let go of everything that is not an expression of your true self or original persona.

When you are in the state of awareness, the possibilities are endless, you can restructure yourself at all levels, not only psychological, but also physically. Awareness allows you to experience your multidimensionality, and this is when you realize Universal Oneness.

6- Detachment is the path

When you experience awareness and you recognize yourself, you also realize how many identities, needs, and other falsehoods you have collected.

This is when you choose to detach from all which is not the original persona or true self, and that clarity is what shows you the way.

Keep these words in mind, one day you will know exactly what they mean.

With love and kindness,



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