Setting Goals And Intentions For 2018

Setting Goals And Intentions For 2018

Let’s set up our goals and intentions for 2018, with a very high vibration to make sure our requests are heard.

Commit to your goals and to being of service to create balance and trust that all your goals are already accomplished.

Because 2018 is all about manifestation, expansion, accomplishment, we will work with very defined goals, defined in terms of what they are, what is required for them to succeed and in what timelines. We can’t miss the opportunity for expansion that 2018 offers, and for that reason we must be committed to the goals.

I have created a goals and intentions sheet that you can use for setting your own. It is based on the premise of creating balance and offering as much service as we request our goals to be honored. This puts your overall request to the universe in a much higher vibration.

Access the goals guide here.

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