Spiritual Qualities of Your DNA

Spiritual Qualities of Your DNA

DNA testing has become so advanced, it has helped to free wrongly accused people from jail sentences.  But there’s more to DNA that scientists are still uncovering – which could lead to freedom from the human condition itself.

Many ancient cultures have taught that we have been seeded by the Infinite Consciousness with abilities that most would attribute to Gods. We have latent abilities to restore our entire bodies, regrow tissues, build new brain cells, and even alter how we function within the constraints of material reality.

Some argue, though the prognostications may seem outlandish, that human beings have encoded DNA that will allow the majority to see beyond the obvious (clairvoyance), communicate without words (telepathy), and even materialize our desires with “upgraded” DNA.

The secret that many of the modern wisdom traditions fail to translate, however, is that our DNA is already upgraded. It is simply triggered by Cosmic events, which were meant, all along to give us extraordinary abilities. This may sound like a science-fiction plot, but consider the recent research surrounding the effects of solar flares (X-flares, as they are called) on our genetic expression.

A solar flare is simply the energy that the sun expels after storing up a significant portion of electromagnetic energy so that it then needs to release it. These flares reach Earth within 8 minutes, and affect our electronic systems visibly, however, they also affect our bodies and minds quite profoundly. There is a significant body of research correlating S-GMA with biological effects and human health effects.

People are experiencing strange symptoms like more lucid dreaming, heightened awareness and happy serendipities, but this growing-up that we are doing within our own bodies often also results in some growing pains: muscle soreness, body shaking, loss of mental clarity, headaches, insomnia, major shifts in our desires, relationships, and life circumstances, and more.

One study conducted at The Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems in Russia measured solar effects from 1948 to 1997 and discovered that geomagnetic activity showed three seasonal peaks each of those years (March to May, in July, and in October). Not surprising — each peak matched an increased incidence of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and suicide in the city Kirovsk, but this doesn’t need to be the reaction of our DNA being triggered.

There is as specific part of the human brain that is affected by such solar flares, but we can acclimatize the brain to accept these upgrade triggers with mindfulness practices. Meditation, DNA activation, deep breathing, and proper eating and exercise all help the physical form to adjust to these “upgrades” more easily.

The result is that you achieve your intended DNA upgrade and activation, which includes awakening cellular memories, activating and purifying your charkas, raising your personal energetic frequency, balancing the subtle energy bodies (etheric body), and gaining the confidence to trust that the deep intuitive knowledge you are given can be trusted and acted upon without fear.

You achieve what could be called a DNA breakthrough – but it doesn’t mean that your DNA was fundamentally changed – it was just allowed to express in the way that it was meant to express, likely well before there was even single-celled life on this planet.

Soul Reprogramming, for instance, helps us to free ourselves from the limited notion that our DNA was meant to stay stagnant, and that we are relegated to the genetic patterns of our nearest ancestors. We shift into an etheric data-base which can recode existing DNA at whatever level we “allow.” Not only do profound physical changes usually occur (such as healing of long-standing health complaints), but we also start to live from a more ascended consciousness.

You can compare this to climbing to a mountain top and seeing the vista spread before you, and finally realizing how vast an area really is before you were able to see it from this new perspective. Your possibilities become infinite in comparison to the limited view you had at the base of the mountain.

As our DNA is “triggered” to evolve into its original, perfected, multi-strand state, we can choose our experiences of reality with much more acumen.

The increased electromagnetic energy being off-loaded by the sun right now only helps this process to occur. We can fight the uncomfortable symptoms which are trying to ignite our DNA, or we can understand the larger goal set forth by Divine Intelligence, and help it along.

If you have dreams and intentions that have heretofore been difficult to express, know that this is a special time in our collective experience in this Universe, and that anything is possible with the activation of our seeded DNA.

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