The Greatest Obstacle to Your Experience of Oneness is Your Mind

The Greatest Obstacle to Your Experience of Oneness is Your Mind

Most of us perceive ourselves as an isolated fragment of the Great Intelligence. We mistakenly believe that the fear and conflict that we normally experience due to this feeling of isolation is “normal,” because everyone experiences it. Yet this state of mind is caused by compulsive thinking. We are attached to the projection of ourselves from the mind/ego. Incessant mental noise prevents us from seeing ourselves as the wholly connected, still and calm sea of Infinite Wisdom that we are. This is what Eckhart Tolle tells us in Practicing the Power of Now, and it is also my message in The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness: Soul Restructuring.

When was the last time that you stopped thinking – about what you have to do, where you need to go, what people you need to talk to, or even rehashing memories of what happened to you in the past?

If you are like most people the experience of “no-thought” or suspended thought is so rare, you may not have had the chance to experience this state of being at all.

Because we are constantly thinking of what will happen in the future or what has transpired in the past, we are trapped in the illusion of the shadow self. This is the self that was created by previous experiences and is shaped by anxiety about what we are to become.

The Soul can only be its true self when it is in the Now. This is why so many of the exercise and tools used in The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness: Soul Restructuring aim at stopping incessant thought patterns. These patterns can be extremely detrimental to your health and well-being. It is only in the present moment that Infinite possibility can arise. This is the point of all creation. The creation of health, vitality, joy, happiness, fulfillment, etc. all come in the present moment. They are not able to survive in a reactionary state of mind.

Oneness with the Infinite literally strips our DNA of all faulty thought-patterns and thus changes how we manifest in the material world.

The mind’s incessant ruminations come between us and the perfect relationship, between us and our most elevated Self. Between us and nature. Between us and the entire Cosmos. We are not separate, but we begin to believe that we are. This is the root cause of all disease and suffering.

A single wind can blow the blossoms of a cherry tree away, yet we cling to the blossoms. We cling to the tree. We cling to the past while the present is infinitely available to us.

When we sit in silence and stillness and are able to stop thought, we realize that no job loss, divorce, health challenge, loss of friendship, financial challenge, or even death is permanent. Miraculously, we also stop reacting to life’s challenges and learn new ways to cope with challenges – sometimes learning how to mollify them completely!

The next time life feels frustrating or out of control, ask yourself a simple question. When did you last have no thought? Though you may find it difficult to stop thoughts completely, you can practice slowing them down. Try these things to help yourself come closer to no-thought:

  1. Write things down that you tend to obsess or worry about, and then let them go. Writing something down will help you to empty the mind. Keep a journal handy, and if possible do this first thing in the morning. It will clear your head of extraneous worries. Handwriting is also better than typing into a computer or smartphone as there are more neural pathways involved, which will cause you to stay more present with emotions that arise.
  2. Spend time in nature. Nature’s rhythms are often slower paced than those in an urban environment and can help you tune into a calmer mind.
  3. Use a mantra. It can be any repetitive sound that helps you focus your mind. ‘Aum’ or ‘Ah-so’ are common simple mantras, but you can also use ‘Love,’ ‘Peace,’ or ‘Calm.’
  4. Try cognitive distancing. Our minds tend to convince us that something is true, even when it isn’t. Try putting some space between what you believe is true and what is. Think of an alternative scenario.
  5. Focus on your breath. One of the easiest ways to get present quickly is by focusing on your breath. Each breath is created anew. When your mind wanders, simply say to yourself, “thinking,” and bring your attention to the breath once again.
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