The New Order and the new organization of the cosmos

The New Order and the new organization of the cosmos

This article is possible thanks to Divine Inspiration. This occurs once we activate our twelve strands of DNA to have access to the source of all information, the ether. In a previous article, I explained what DNA activation is, why it is important and how to start.

Today, I will talk about the importance of understanding the changes that the entire cosmos is going through, the New Order, what are they looking for with this new organization, what does it mean for us humans, what does it mean for the Universe.

First of all, I’d like to describe the concept of New Order: This is the only way that the Universe found viable, to continue evolving without affecting the actual structure or components of itself.

We all have at least heard about the shift of energies in the Universe, affecting the earth and all of us. This is just a small backlash that we are getting from what is really happening at a larger scale.

In a council meeting, called the New Order Council Meeting of the Planets, its members decided that many planets and stars needed to be completely restructured in order to evolve with the rest of the Universe. Some planets are more evolved than others, some are just form, some are etheric. They all have different levels of evolution to meet, before they can make the shift.

Planet earth, being a planet of the form and with a tri-dimensional consciousness required direct intervention. The council decided to send representatives in physical and non-physical form to earth to assist with this change in structure.

Many of the elements that formed the human body are being replaced for elements of the new order to help us receive the new frequencies that are part of this shift. Also changes in our terrestrial atmosphere and in our natural resources are imminent. These New Order elements will help us withstand these changes of temperature, new eating habits, lack of resources including water, etc. You need to keep in mind that changes like this can take a millennium in human years to be noticed, but they do need to start somewhere.

Chances are, that we do not have a millennium to adapt to changes. This lead to emergency measures. The council allowed the tool of Reprogramming to be released to planet earth to assist with the complete replacement and integration of the New Order elements in our bodies, brain, cells, memory and in our programs. This method also assists with the DNA activation needed to do the replacement and activation ourselves if we chose to learn the method, rather than have it applied by a trained consultant.

This method is just the beginning of other tools and activations that are being released to the planet to implement the New Order.

After Reprogramming of the entire body, brain, cells, memory and programs; we have the option to choose a new higher consciousness purpose. Even if we are living a highly altruistic life at this time, we can, with the integration of the New Order elements, access even higher levels of purpose.

In times past, this was only possible with death and reincarnation, now it only requires awakening and will to serve.

This is a call to all those who are seeking for a higher purpose in life, who feel the need to serve and to be part of the cosmic change. If you feel the call, you must attend. Remember what we said in the article of DNA activation, this is one of the ways that DNA activation manifests itself, with a strong call to action.

The New Order is imminent, there is no way to stop it or not obey to the changes. This is a simple informative communication to let you know that the time has come where you need to be aware of the changes occurring around you, your environment, your own body and perception of life.

The ones who remain in the old organization will simply not fit. It is necessary to be proactive, be informed, be prepared and act; don’t simply be passive about this change. Prepare yourself, activate your programs and elements, make the best out of this change. It is not necessary to suffer the lack of integration when you have ways to adapt in short time.

Best of luck to you in this exciting process.


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